NCT Lucas Scandal 2021: SuperM Member Admits Abuse Allegations? New Track Release Canceled Amid Shocking Accusations

Credit: Teen Vogue

Credit: Teen Vogue

K-netizens were shocked NCT Lucas was accused of cheating, gaslighting, and money-leeching by two of his alleged former girlfriends. On Wednesday, the K-pop idol took to Instagram to announce that he will be taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry amid all these allegations being thrown at him.

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NCT Lucas Apologized For His Past Behavior

The 22-year-old K-pop star, who is part of various K-pop groups like SuperM, WayV, and NCT, publicized his decision to take time off on social media to self-reflect. NCT Lucas said sorry for his past wrongdoings and apologized to all people he had hurt.

Though the accusations have yet to be verified, these malicious allegations have spread like wildfire online. Both unnamed accusers claimed that NCT Lucas took advantage of them romantically and financially. The sources said NCT Lucas cheated on them and abused their emotions for him.

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The first accuser, as per All Kpop, said that the "Make A Wish" hitmaker approached, manipulated, and leeched money off of her. The source claimed she and NCT Lucas started dating in July 2019 after the idol told her that she is his girlfriend – not a mere fan.

The complainant said NCT Lucas asked her to stay a little longer on his bed before heading home. She added that the "Jopping" hitmaker demanded her to have sexual intercourse with him even if she is not comfortable doing it, adding:

"After a few months of dating, in October of 2019, he told me he wanted to break up. He felt bad about breaking up over chat messaging, so we met up early in the morning before he left for LA for SuperM activities (19.10.02), and he said he just wanted to be friends. He went on about what a hard time he was having and asked me to understand him. He was busy at the time with preparations for SuperM and WayV, and said that he was so frustrated during the 'Moonwalk' MV shoot because one member kept messing up the dance, delaying the filming. He was so frustrated and tired that he even smoked in front of the MV director while the director was addressing him. He then told me to wait 5 years, and in 5 years he would buy a house in Korea so we could live together. After parting ways without hard feelings that day, he contacted me the next day, saying he wanted to see me.
I don't know the full details, but he said that a manager made a big mistake during WayV's fan meeting in Thailand, and all of the members had to face the consequences. He claimed that because of the incident, he was the 'boss' over all of the WayV members and even their managers.
The manager who lived with Lucas knew that Lucas was going out to meet his girlfriend, although they did not know that I was the girlfriend. Lucas said that his manager saw him sneaking out late at night to come meet me, but the manager let Lucas go without holding him back."

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The same accuser claimed that she and NCT Lucas got back together sometime in November 2019 until March 2020. At the time, the "90's Love" singer, allegedly, had more free time.

"The unidentified source said they spoke over WeChat video calls while he was in China and met at a hotel when he was in South Korea. Though she was happy being with NCT Lucas most of the time, there were also instances, according to her, where the K-pop star made her uncomfortable with his stories.

"He asked me if I saw [EXO] Chen's marriage news, and said, 'If you end up with a baby, of course you need to get married. Should we do that too?'. He also often talked about other girlfriends he had in the past, describing their height and their bodies, which made me uncomfortable. I felt that he could just as easily talk about my body elsewhere.
He said that he had a bad friend during his school days, and had his first sexual intercourse at a massage parlor in China. He also said that when he was young, he liked tall women but after finding out that tall women had bodies like men, he began liking shorter women.
He said that before joining SM, a friend in Hong Kong was being bullied, so he got into a big fight. He claimed that he fought with gang members, and also said that because he was good at fighting, a gang boss tried to recruit him."

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NCT Lucas' New Song Release Cancelled Amid Accusations

Meanwhile, NCT Lucas had canceled the release of his new track called "Jalapeño" on Wednesday after the cheating and abuse allegations broke online. The said song is his new collaboration with WayV co-member Hendery.

ABS-CBN News reported that the accusations arrived amid the preparations of WayV for the forthcoming release of their new album. Up until now, it remains unclear if NCT Lucas' hiatus means for the album, the band, or his career.

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For starters, Lucas debuted as a member of NCT, which was introduced in 2019. Aside from being part of the 23-member K-pop group, he is also an active member of other SM groups – WayV and SuperM. The Hong Kong-born star has become a popular star in China as a model and a television personality.

SM Entertainment has yet to comment on these accusations against NCT Lucas. Aside from the "RESONANCE" singer, other K-pop idols, such as former (G)I-DLE member Soojin and ITZY Lia, who are both involved in bullying allegations, have hit headlines lately due to their alleged wrongdoings in the past.

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