BLACKPINK Rosé, GOT7 Mark Dating? Netizens Share Proof That Jennie, Lisa And Jisoo's Co-Member Could Be In A Relationship

Credit: YG Entertainment

Credit: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK Rosé is, without a doubt, one of the most popular female K-pop idols today. Aside from being part of the world's most successful female K-pop group, the South Korean singer-songwriter has also proved to the world that she is a force to be reckoned with following the success of her "-R-" album.

Despite having a huge name in the K-pop industry, there are limited details known about the personal life of BLACKPINK Rosé, including her love life. Recent rumors suggest that the co-member of Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo is dating GOT7 member Mark.

Are the BLACKPINK Rosé and GOT7 Mark really an item? Keep on reading to know more details about their alleged romance.

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BLACKPINK Rosé, GOT7 Member Mark Are Allegedly Dating

LoveKpop45, recently, reported that netizens shared some pieces of evidence, allegedly, proving that BLACKPINK Rosé and GOT7 member Mark are likely to be in a relationship. Some avid followers of the two K-pop idols claimed that the "On The Ground" hitmaker has been sighted with co-member Jennie in the U.S. for work.

Interestingly, they also found out that GOT7 member Mark was also present during BLACKPINK Rosé and Jennie's outings. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK and the GOT7 member were, reportedly, seen having manicures together.

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Not only that because devoted supporters of the two K-pop stars also claimed that GOT7 member Mark also appeared at the place of BLACKPINK Rosé. The rumored couple, allegedly, used similar status when sharing a somewhat alike snaps.

In one Instagram photo, BLACKPINK Rosé was spotted enjoying the snow outside and wrote "Honey, it's cold outside" in the caption. GOT7 member Mark also posted a photo of him outside with plants covered with snow in the background and said "Not cold at all…#coldashell" in the caption.

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As if that is not enough, fans also found out that BLACKPINK Rosé and GOT7 Mark posted the same status on the same day, which added fuel to the speculations that they are a couple already. Sometime in 2018, the "Lovesick Girls" songstress posted a photo of her smiling while inside a vehicle and wrote "on the way" in the caption.

At the same time, GOT7 member Mark also posted a snap of him wearing a white top as he covers his face with "ON MY WAY" in the caption. While some supporters of BLACKPINK Rosé and the "Just right" hitmaker think that it is a mere coincidence, others suggest this could be an indication that something romantic is happening between the two South Korean artists.

While it is not impossible for BLACKPINK Rosé and GOT7 member Mark to date, it is important to note that neither of them has confirmed these romance speculations. So, supporters of the two K-pop idols should take these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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BLACKPINK Rosé Says She Will ‘Treasure' The Guitar She Got From John Mayer

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Rosé shared how she felt when she received a very special gift from American singer-songwriter John Mayer. The ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston had surprised the co-member of Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo with a pink electric guitar in July.

John Mayer gave BLACKPINK Rosé the guitar as a token for covering one of his tracks. In a recent "Ask Me anything" video with Elle Korea, the "BOOMBAYAH" songstress discussed her reaction after receiving the musical instrument and her feelings about it.

"When I received [the guitar], somebody form my company, they kind of surprised me with it. They were like, ‘We have something to give you, like it's really important.' I thought it was something very serious. She delivered it to me and she was like, ‘John really wanted to send this to you', and I was just like ‘Oh my god'. I couldn't believe it."

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To recall, BLACKPINK Rosé covered the 2006 song of John Mayer called "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" during an appearance on the Sea of Hope variety show. The South Korean-Australian singer revealed Mayer reposted her cover and said kind words about it.

"He seems like the sweetest person ever. I'm going to treasure it for life. It's like the prettiest pink guitar! I feel very excited that one of my first few Stratocasters would be one gifted by John Mayer! All my friends were so jealous, they were like, ‘are you kidding me?! He's like the legend of our generation!' They were freaking out."

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