Naruto, Death Note, and More Anime Are Now Officially on YouTube

naruto anime free youtube

naruto anime free youtube

For anime fans who want to watch some classics, Viz Media just released fan-favorite shows like Naruto, Death Note, and more for free on YouTube.

There is no catch here. All episodes of select classic anime titles are available on YouTube via the Viz Media official channel. On top of these, a selection of movies has also been released.

Aside from being great news for anime fans, many also found it funny as the YouTube release is sort of a throwback to the early 2000s.

Anime on YouTube: Going Full Circle

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Right now, anime fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to watching the latest shows.

Many new anime are streamed as soon as they get released in Japan via official platforms like Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, and Netflix.

But this wasn’t the case just a decade or two ago. Back then, fans had to either rely on anime being picked up on TV or through dubious bootleg DVDs.

Another way to watch anime back then is through unofficial YouTube uploads.

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At the time, shows like Naruto, Pokemon, and more were released with English subtitles of questionable quality.

They’re also often released in multiple parts given YouTube’s 10-minute video limit back in the day.

Many anime fans were reminded of these times when Viz Media made its announcement.

On Reddit, many talked about the early 2000s when illegal Naruto uploads were all the rage. Some even remarked about the fan-made anime music videos.

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Viz Media Releases Complete Anime Titles on YouTube

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Now, fans have a reason to go back to YouTube with Viz Media’s anime release.

Specifically, complete anime shows have been released for free, though they are only available officially in the US.

One of the highlight shows is Naruto, as Seasons 1-8 (consisting of Episodes 1-220) are now available. Though this means Shippuden isn’t on YouTube as part of the releases.

What is part of the lineup is Death Note, another popular anime series from the 2000s. All 37 episodes of the show are available, meaning you can watch Light Yagami’s compelling story in full.

Other highlight titles in the release include Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Inuyasha, and Mr. Osomatsu.

There are also titles like Accel World, TIGER & BUNNY, K, Infini-T Force, and Mazinger Z.

Given that Viz Media also releases manga titles in other countries, some hope that the free anime on YouTube also get released in countries like Canada, the UK, and others. Though there’s no word yet on these releases.

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Source: Viz Media

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