Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online: Original Series, Movies and More

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Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online
Credit: Toei Animation

Even though the first Sailor Moon episode came out in 1992, the shojo anime proved enduring enough to still be considered one of the best fantasy anime three decades later. Whether you're a newcomer or looking to rewatch a childhood favorite, we've found the best places where you can watch Sailor Moon, including the original series, movies, and more!

Is Sailor Moon on Netflix?

Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online - Netflix
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Credit: Netflix

At the time of writing, only the latest Sailor Moon content, the two Sailor Moon: Eternal movies, are available to watch on Netflix.

While the remake is worth watching, we recommend checking out our Guide to watching Sailor Moon, as there might be better starting points for you!

Is Sailor Moon on Crunchyroll?

Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online - Crunchyroll
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Credit: Crunchyroll

Unfortunately, Sailor Moon is not available on Crunchyroll at the time of writing.

It is currently not known whether the fact that Crunchyroll and Funimation will merge might change this, as the former will likely acquire more anime as we go.

If the series makes it to Crunchyroll, we will update this with new information.

Is Sailor Moon on Funimation?

Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online - Funimation
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Credit: Funimation

At the time of writing, Funimation does not have Sailor Moon in its library.

We expect Funimation to shut down at some point after the Crunchyroll merger is complete, so it is unlikely that Sailor Moon will be there in the future.

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Is Sailor Moon on Hulu?

Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online - Hulu
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Credit: Hulu

Sailor Moon is one of the best anime to watch on Hulu. There, you can find all five seasons of the original anime series, as well as the recent remake, Sailor Moon Crystal.

Where Else Can I Watch Sailor Moon?

Where to Watch Sailor Moon Online - Amazon
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Credit: Toei Animation

The first season of the Sailor Moon anime is available on Amazon Prime Video for those based in the USA.

For non-USA-based fans, Hulu is your best bet to watch the original series and the remake series, while the final - and most recent - movies are on Netflix.

You can also rent the series on iTunes or Google Play.

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