The Best Supernatural Romance Anime of All Time

Best Supernatural Romance Anime Ranked My Happy Marriage Miyo
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Best Supernatural Romance Anime Ranked My Happy Marriage Miyo
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Anime covers a wide variety of genres, and creators don’t shy away from blending multiple genres to drive the stories. Romance with supernatural elements is one of them, opening all sorts of possibilities. So, here's a list of the best supernatural romance anime you should watch!

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  1. Sankarea: Undying Love

    Chihiro Furuya has always wanted a zombie girlfriend. His obsession with all things undead reaches new heights when his cat Baabu gets mortally wounded.

    He decides to make a resurrection potion to revive the cat. Meanwhile, he runs into a girl named Rea Sanka who is leading an abusive life.

    When she learns about Chihiro’s potion, she decides to drink it hoping it will kill her. However, she doesn’t die and the potion turns her into an undead.

    Now with Chihiro’s help, she attempts to adjust to her new life. It may be a dream come true for Chihiro but his life turns upside down as he deals with her unusual cravings.

  2. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

    Ryousuke Hazuki is madly in love with Rokka Shimao, who owns a flower shop. He is so mesmerized by her beauty that he decides to get a part-time job at her shop.

    However, before he could make a move, he faces his first obstacle. Turns out, there is a ghost in her apartment who is believed to be Rokka’s dead husband.

    Atsushi Shimao has watched over his wife ever since his passing three years ago. However, Ryousuke is the first person to see Atsushi’s ghost and they are in an awkward position.

    Atsushi is jealous and tries to possess Ryousuke’s body in order to stop his advances. Meanwhile, Ryousuke wants Atsushi’s ghost to pass on and let his widowed wife move on in life.

    This is the story of two men who cannot put their desires to rest as they try to win over Rokka. Who will win in this unusual horror and supernatural love story?

  3. Hotarubi no Mori e

    The touch of a human will have dire consequences for Gin. Hotarubi no Mori e follows the story of a six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa who gets lost in a forest where spirits live.

    She cries out for help and is approached by a mysterious boy with a mask named Gin. He offers to help Hotaru.

    Meanwhile, she is happy at the sight of a person in the middle of the forest. As she runs to hug Gin, he rudely fends her off.

    She learns that a curse has been cast on him. If he is ever touched by a human being, he will instantly disappear.

    He doesn’t want her to return but she keeps coming back. Soon, they become close friends but are aware of the curse.

    As time passes, their bond only gets strengthened and now Hotaru is yearning for Gin’s touch. Will they ever be able to break the curse and unite?

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  4. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

    The life of high school student Sakuta Azusagawa completely changes when he meets Mai Sakurajima dressed as a bunny girl.

    Mai, who is a teenage actress, is wandering through the library but nobody notices her. However, she is intrigued to be noticed by Sakuta.

    Turns out, Mai is suffering from Adolescence Syndrome and Sakuta attempts to unravel this mysterious disease.

    He finds out that Mai isn’t the only one going through this Adolescence Syndrome.

  5. Beyond the Boundary

    Mirai Kuriyama is the only survivor of a clan of Spirit World warriors. She is tasked with finding and killing youmu who are manifestations of negative human emotions.

    She comes across a boy named Akihito Kanbara who is a half-breed youmu in human form. Mirai panics and stabs her blade into him and realizes that he is immortal.

    The two then form a unique bond where Mirai is finding ways to kill him but he never dies. Meanwhile, Akihito convinces her to join the literary club.

    Interestingly, the club has two Spirit World warriors namely Hiroomi and Mitsuki Nase.

    Beyond the Boundary is a story of friendship, love, acceptance, and survival.

  6. Inu X Boku Secret Service

    Ririchiyo Shirakiin is a protected daughter of an influential family. However, she decides to change everything.

    But her problem is that she has no filters and is terrible in the communication department. Ririchiryo ends up living in a high-security apartment building called Maison de Ayakashi.

    She finds out that this apartment complex houses weird individuals with quirky personalities. To top it all up, the inhabitants, including Ririchiyo, are half-youkai, half-human.

    The matters get complicated for Ririchiyo when she is assigned a Secret Service agent. Her agent, Soushi Miketsukami, is smart but submissive and clingy in a creepy way.

    Now, Ririchiyo has to maneuver through high school, her otherworldly neighbors, and an eccentric agent in this rom-com anime series.

  7. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

    Seikyo Private Academy hold a dark and grim past for 60 years. A ghost named Yuko has been haunting the academy.

    Interestingly, she doesn’t remember anything about her life or death. One day she runs into a freshman named Teiichi Niiya who can see the ghost.

    She immediately bonded with him and he vows to help her. They join forces with one of Yuko’s relatives named Kirie Kanoe and a second-year student, Momoe Okonogi.

    Together they dive deeper into the seven mysteries of the academy. As they solve the mysteries, Teiichi and Yuko come closer to each other kickstarting a supernatural romantic tale.

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  8. Wolf Children

    Hana, a diligent college student, falls in love with a mystical man, Ookami, who is part of one of her classes. It is revealed that he is not even a human being.

    One full moon night, Ookami transforms and Hana learns that the love of her life is a werewolf. However, it doesn’t stop her from loving him.

    Together they start a family and Hana gives birth to two children who are also blessed with their father’s powers.

    Unfortunately, Ookami’s untimely death shocks Hana and her children. Now, she is alone with the mighty task of raising her gifted children.

    Wolf Children is a heart-breaking supernatural romantic story about a single mother fighting the unfair world while raising her two young werewolves.

  9. Your Name

    Many call it a visual masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name explores supernatural happenings with a romantic subplot.

    Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl from a rural part of Japan. She dreams to be a boy living in the busy city of Tokyo.

    Elsewhere, Taki Tachibana leads a busy life in the city and he dreams of becoming an architect.

    One day, Mitsuha finds herself in an unknown room and inside an unfamiliar body. Her dream has come true as she has swapped her body with Taki.

    They start living each other’s lives and get to know each other on a whole new level. Moreover, they also begin to care for each other.

    Later, Taki finds out that they both are from different timelines, and in his timeline, Mitsuha’s town was completely destroyed by a meteor.

    Taki decides to save her and for that, he needs to transcend both space and time.

  10. Howl’s Moving Castle

    Straight from Studio Ghibli, Howl’s Moving Castle is surreal and adventurous with a hint of supernatural romance. Howl is a remarkable wizard but has gained a bad reputation for being a womanizer.

    Meanwhile, Sophie’s life takes an unusual turn when she finds herself in a distressed situation. Fortunately, Howl appears and saves her.

    But this encounter leads to the Witch of the Waste spiraling into a mad fit of rage and jealousy. She ends up putting a curse on Sophie that turns her into an old woman.

    The road to normalcy puts Sophie on a dangerous adventure with Howl as they face demons and weird creatures in his unique castle.

  11. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    Chise has a special place in her heart for magic but it has led to several problems in her life. Her life has been nothing but a never-ending nightmare.

    She is helpless and wishes someone saves her. One day, she is bought by a magus named Elias who wears a cow skull mask.

    He takes her under his wing and introduces her to the world of magic and sorcery. She finally finds her forever home where she can stay for as long as she desires.

    Meanwhile, Chise also sees through Elias’ dark side and empathizes with him. Soon, the two become a unique couple living life alongside magical beings.

  12. Future Diary

    Yuki is a loner who rarely engages with others, finding solace in documenting his life through a digital diary on his cell phone.

    His sole companion is an imaginary being named Deus Ex Machina, whom he calls the deity of Time and Space.

    However, Yuki's perception shifts drastically when he discovers that Deus is not merely a product of his mind but an actual entity.

    This revelation occurs when Deus enlists him as a participant in a high-stakes competition alongside 11 others.

    Called the Diary Game, this battle royale entails contestants receiving specialized diaries capable of foreseeing future events.

    Each diary possesses unique traits, offering its wielder both advantages and drawbacks in the intense struggle for survival.

    Future Diary is a psychological thriller with romance and action to spice things up.

    Moreover, the mystery angle in the anime is quite dark and intense, making it a great series to watch.

  13. Bakemonogatari

    Part of the popular Monogatari series, Bakemonogatari follows half-vampire Araragi crossing paths with Senjougahara who is weightless.

    Araragi learns that due to a curse, she is now lighter than air. He wants to help her and in that process, they battle a ghost crab.

    A strange love story starts to unfold as the couple encounter and fight several supernatural beings and struggle with high school things.

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  14. Kamisama Kiss

    After a series of unfortunate events in Nanami Momozono’s family, she is left homeless. With no roof over her head, Nanami struggles in life.

    However, fate has other plans set for her and she ends up becoming the deity at a shrine. But not everyone there is pleased by her arrival.

    Tomoe, who is the familiar of the last deity, doesn’t trust her one bit. Can she win his trust?

    Kamisama Kiss is a tale of Nanami starting a new life with brand new people. She also might find a lover in Tomoe.

  15. Inuyasha

    Inuyasha is a straight-up classic that has pioneered the idea of supernatural romance. Kagome and Inuyasha are one of the best couples in this genre.

    Kagome is suddenly pulled by a demon into an old well. She time travels to feudal Japan where demons dwell.

    She is constantly hunted by beasts and demons who are after the Shikon Jewel that she is unknowingly carrying.

    Later, she meets a half-demon boy, Inuyasha who is hostile toward her. Eventually, he decides to help her.

    During a violent fight, the Shikon Jewel breaks into several pieces and gets scattered across the land.

    Kagome and Inuyasha then start a quest to collect all the shards of the jewel before evil forces get them.

  16. Fruits Basket

    Fruits Basket follows Tohru Honda, a cheerful girl who ends up in the bizarre world of the Sohma family.

    A curse was placed on the family many centuries ago that results in members transforming into animals associated with the Chinese Zodiac when they are embraced by the opposite sex.

    The Sohma family wants to keep this a secret from the world and this extreme control over the family members leads to dysfunctionalities.

    Meanwhile, Tohru is trying to help the family members heal the wounds and address the trauma. In that process, Tohru also finds love.

  17. My Happy Marriage

    My Happy Marriage truly breaks the barriers of genres and stands as an outstanding supernatural romance anime with thriller and action elements.

    Miyo Saimori, the eldest daughter of the noted Saimori family, finds herself serving her own family as a servant due to her status as the un-gifted offspring of her father’s first wife.

    Her stepmother and half-sister treat her badly, viewing her as nothing more than a servant.

    Offered in marriage to the cold Kiyoka Kudou, she harbors little hope, fearing rejection and a grim fate on the streets.

    However, her betrothal unexpectedly offers her a chance to overcome self-hatred and find acceptance.

    My Happy Marriage is a heartwarming tale of overcoming one’s trauma and weakness.

    Moreover, the character development explored in the series is exemplary.

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