My Dress-Up Darling Director Explains Marin Kitagawa's Unique Appeal in Interview

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my dress-up darling marin kitagawa appeal

Marin was one of the most popular characters in the Winter 2022 anime season. Recently, the My Dress-Up Darling director explained Marin Kitagawa’s unique appeal in an interview.

Recently, a two-part interview with director Keisuke Shinohara was released on Febri. There, Shinohara shared his experience in directing the TV anime.


Marin Kitagawa is arguably the highlight character of the anime thanks to her lovable personality and good looks.

While there are lots of characters that can be described in the same way, Marin has a unique appeal that makes her stand out.

When asked about Marin’s unique appeal, Shinohara said:

I think Marin is a girl who you can genuinely feel is cute. It’s not just her appearance, but also her bright and cheerful attitude. The respect she has for other people is also wonderful.

Marin’s respect for others is an interesting trait to note. While her appearance and personality make her seem like a typical popular high school student character, she’s much more than a trope. Instead, Marin is warm and brings people up instead of putting them down.

my dress-up darling marin kitagawa

Another thing about Marin that adds to her appeal is the “disparities in her personality.” The My Dress-Up Darling director explains:

Normally, she is really assertive, but when it comes to love she isn’t able to express her feelings. At first glance, she may seem a bit shallow, but she’s actually really well put together, while still being teen-like.

It’s refreshing to see a character such as Marin be upfront with herself regarding her feelings for Gojo, but the fact that she has a hard time expressing it does add to her appeal without making her a typical tsundere who refuses to acknowledge his/her feelings.


My Dress-Up Darling (or Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru in Japanese) is an anime series by CloverWorks based on the manga of the same name by Shinichi Fukuda.

The manga is serialized in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine, and it’s available in English online via Manga Up.

The series follows high school student Gojo Wakana who dreams of becoming a Hina doll craftsman. At school, Gojo secretly practices making doll costumes, but he is spotted by his popular classmate, Marin Kitagawa.

After seeing Gojo make clothes, Marin enlists his help to make costumes for her cosplay hobby.

While there’s no official announcement yet regarding season 2, there’s some speculation that a second season will be announced at an upcoming fan event this September.

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