Moon Knight Writer Reveals Why Werewolf by Night Did Not Appear in the Show

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If there is one comic book character that has the possibility to arrive in the series of Moon Knight but didn’t, it is Werewolf by Night in which pages the titular character first appeared on. The writer of the show, however, has the perfect defense as to why it didn’t debut in the MCU and the reason is one that is exciting.

Moon Knight Writer Reveals Why Werewolf by Night Did Not Appear in the Show
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Writer Reveals Why Werewolf by Night Did Not Appear in the Show

It is in Werewolf by Night #32 where Moon Knight made his very first appearance. Written by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, the said comics gave rise to Moon Knight getting his very own line. Since the titular character has close ties to the supernatural given his origins coming from gods, the werewolf is much anticipated in the series but it did not even make a cameo.

Jeremy Slater had a chat with about the absence of Werewolf by Night in the Moon Knight series, "There weren't discussions of doing Werewolf by Night per se, just because they had already had some plans for him, and Kevin [Feige] had an idea of how he wanted to use him, which I'm still not privy to. I'm as in the dark as you are."

Slater added that the werewolves are coming into the MCU, "In my pitch, one of the images that I used was a shot of Moon Knight fighting a giant, 12-foot-tall werewolf with glowing eyes. I was like, 'Look, yes, Moon Knight is a street-level vigilante guy. He can go up against the purse snatchers and the drug runners and everything. But he's also a monster hunter and that's how he was introduced,'" and that's how he got his start."

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In lieu of the werewolves, Slater and the team had to be creative and look for ancient Egyptian creatures that would wreak havoc on the life of Moon Knight in the series. They used demonic jackals instead which were summoned by Arthur Harrow using the staff he has with the remnants of the power of Ammit.

Moon Knight focused on the struggles of Marc Spector and Steven Grant dealing with dissociative identity disorder while they have to stop a god from being resurrected whose goal is to claim and devour souls for her personal benefit.

Moon Knight and all its six episodes are now streaming on Disney Plus.

Werewolf by Night is expected to come out on the same streaming service in late 2022. The series will be starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donelly. It will be a television special under the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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