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Marvel's Werewolf by Night Adds The Nevers Star Laura Donnelly

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One of the upcoming MCU projects that are in the works is the Werewolf by Night Halloween special for Disney+ with Gael Garcia Bernal cast to play the role although it is unclear yet if he will be playing the Jack Russell or Jake Gomez iteration of the character. Now, the special has added another cast member.

Deadline has reported that The Nevers star Laura Donnelly has joined the special. While the report didn't have official information regarding the role that she is going to play, they speculated that it could be Nina Price, who becomes Vampire by Night. In the comics, Price is the niece of Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night and a vampire/werewolf hybrid. She carried the Lycan gene and was changed further after being bitten by a vampire.

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The exact plot details of the special are still unknown at this point except that it's a Halloween-themed special and it will focus on Garcia Bernal's Werewolf by Night, a character who transforms into a werewolf while still retaining his human intellect. Production will reportedly be set to begin in the coming months.

Donnelly is not yet a household name or an actress that most people might be familiar with (unless you're watching The Nevers and Outlander). But now that she will be part of the MCU and will seemingly play a major character, she's gonna get more recognition especially since she will be involved in the biggest franchise today. Based on her resume, Vampire by Night seems to be a great role for her.

It is exciting that the MCU is going to do a Halloween special that will feature Werewolf by Night, who is one of the popular supernatural Marvel characters in the comics. Now that they are going to have Vampire by Night, it sounds like they will go for full-on horror and will embrace the supernatural side of the MCU. A Halloween special is certainly a great way to do it.

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There is still no release date set yet for the special, but it will reportedly premiere later this year.

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