Moon Knight: New Trailer Reveals Complicated Relationship Between Steven and Layla

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The release of Moon Knight looms closer and a new trailer arrives for the upcoming Marvel show which reveals how complicated the relationship the titular character has with Layla as Steven struggles to draw a line between his waking life and his dreams. A few days left and the answer is nearing the horizon, are you ready for it?

Moon Knight drops another trailer teasing what is in store for the canon show and this time, it gives Layla a spotlight as she asks Steven if he has any recollection of their adventure, life, and memories together in general. Steven reveals that he does not recall anything at all as he continues to struggle distinguishing what is a dream and what is not. Steven further explained that he has no idea how to explain the things that are happening to him.

In an interview with Games Radar, Oscar Isaac shared how their director, Mohamed Diab, made sure to address the issue, "It was interesting because Mohamed and Sarah, his wife and creative partner, took the role of Layla and found a way to deepen it by making much stronger connections. So, for instance, the fact that you find out that Marc and her were married, or are married."

Isaac revealed that Marc and Layla are married and Steven having a completely different personality, "The important thing that came out of all our conversations with Mohamed is creating a character with Steven that is desperate for connection and love, but just doesn't have the social skills for it. Because of the blackouts and because of his lack of history, that creates an introverted personality, and yet all he wants is to connect."

Isaac added how important Layla is in the story, "When Layla comes into his life and seems like the only person that can help him, his life suddenly starts to both fall apart and light up, because he has someone and she's saying that they're supposed to be married, but she's mistaken him for someone else."

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Isaac further explained the difference between Steven and Marc when it comes to Layla, "On the other side is Marc, who is pushing everyone away, particularly Layla. And we come to find out that that's because, in his mind, he's trying to protect her. There was that push and pull and this budding romance that Steven has with her, and Marc, who is filled with regret and shame and just wants to push her away for her own safety."

Oscar Isaac plays Moon Knight and he would be joined by Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, May Calamawy as Layla, Loic Mabanza as Bushman, the late Gaspar Ulliel as Anton Mogart, Lucy Thackeray as Donna, and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney Plus at 3 AM EST on March 30, 2022 where there would be six episodes to be released weekly. There is no news yet as to the release of the series on DVD but what is sure is that it would be available on the service in the highest streaming quality, 4K. It is rated TV-14 which means those who are aged 14 years or above can watch the show; however, they must be accompanied by an adult.


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