What is Moon Knight Rated, Is it Safe for Kids to Watch? Everything You Need to Know

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Moon Knight is dark in its sense and it is expected to get into scenes that may be brutal and violent given the comic book origins of the character. Now that it is finally coming into the small screens in the titular hero’s own series, many are wondering what is it rated, if it is safe for kids and whether it would be a family-friendly show.

What is Moon Knight Rated, Is it Safe for Kids to Watch?

Moon Knight got an official television rating of 14A or TV-14. While some fans may be expecting it to have a higher level considering what is speculated for the show but these expectations need to be toned down. It is not as family-friendly as it seems considering that those below the age of 14 are strongly discouraged to watch the show.

A TV-14 or 14A rating means that there may be some coarse language, violence, or some scenes that may be sexually suggestive. Those who are aged 14 years or above can watch the show; however, they must be accompanied by an adult. With Moon Knight having such a rating, fans are curious as to how it would affect the content.

The series would be a psychological thriller. There would just be less gore and scenes could still be as violent and as intense as the comics even without blood being shed on screen. Just by that, it could really be a powerful statement to have Moon Knight look into the lens of Steven Grant dealing with a dissociative identity disorder with his other persona, Marc Spector, with less blood.

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No need to worry for the fans as such a rating still allows some dark themes and weirdness coming into the story. However, it must still be noted that this might just be because the show is the introduction of the character and it would focus more on building him up rather than too many violent scenes unexplained.

Oscar Isaac plays Moon Knight and he would be joined by Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, May Calamawy as Layla, Loic Mabanza as Bushman, the late Gaspar Ulliel as Anton Mogart, Lucy Thackeray as Donna, and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney Plus at 3 AM EST on March 30, 2022 where there would be six episodes to be released weekly. There is no news yet as to the release of the series on DVD but what is sure is that it would be available on the service in the highest streaming quality, 4K.


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