Moon Knight: Who is Ethan Hawke's Villain?

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After the release of the official trailer of Moon Knight, fans are thrilled for the first Marvel series of the year and just in the teaser of the show, many are already looking into the deeper perspective when it comes to the characters, like who is the villain that Ethan Hawke would play and how would he be a pivotal one in the life of the titular character.

Moon Knight: Who is Ethan Hawke's Villain?

Moon Knight: Who is Ethan Hawke's Villain?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight: Who is Ethan Hawke's Villain?

The Moon Knight trailer is nothing less than intense. It already introduced a lot in the series, most especially in the struggles of Steven Grant who has some sleeping disorder, even subjecting himself in a program Staying Awake, having to restrain himself since he couldn’t decipher when he is dreaming or when he is in his waking life.


Steven Grant works at a gift shop and he is haunted by things only he could see, even mistaking an old lady in the elevator for a monster. A woman called him Marc which gave him more questions as to what is happening to him and when he finally decides to embrace the chaos in his life, he learns of Marc Spencer and gets on with his full white ensemble of Moon Knight.

In the same trailer, he encountered Ethan Hawke’s villain, and Steven was surprised that the people bowed down before the character. The closed captions provided who Ethan Hawke is: Dr. Arthur Chaos and he sees through the struggle of Steven saying that there are voices in his head and that there is chaos inside of him.

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Just with that name, fans are excited to see that a minor player in the comics would have such a big impact on Moon Knight. Harrow first appeared in the comics in Moon Knight: Fist of Konshu #2 in 1985. A scientist and a Nobel prize candidate for his pain theory research in medicine, it was later found that the study was just a copy of the secret Nazi experiments in Auschwitz. He continued with his research, though, and he abducted people for it.

Just with the inclusion of Harrow, many are speculating that the X-Men may be entering the MCU from hereon, or at least, they would be mentioned, considering that Auschwitz is a pivotal place for one of the most known X-Men characters, the place where Magneto originated.

Some speculations also come around with Dr. Harrow being merged with the famous villain of Moon Knight, the Sun King. Considering that people are worshipping him in some way, it is possible that the series has something in store for him that would shock everyone to their senses.

See Ethan Hawke’s Dr. Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight on March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney Plus.