Moon Knight Fans Applaud Oscar Isaac's Superb Acting in Episode 5

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The tone of Moon Knight diverted from the action and mystery to a heart-wrenching Episode 5 that surely sent tears running through everyone’s face and it is all because of the superb acting of Oscar Isaac and how he portrayed the character that is so great, one would easily be carried away, and the fans all over the world applaud him for delivering such an amazing performance.

Moon Knight Fans Applaud Oscar Isaac's Superb Acting in Episode 5
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Fans Applaud Oscar Isaac's Superb Acting in Episode 5

Moon Knight Episode 5 revisited the past of Marc and Steven as they journey into the realm of the Duat to the Field of Reeds, trying to make the scales of justice balance with the feather of truth. Taweret guides them and tells them what to do but that is nothing easy for Marc given the painful and traumatic past that he experienced and the very same reason why he created Steven in the first place.

It turns out Marc lost his brother in an accident and his once loving mother hated Marc for what happened. His mother started skipping his birthdays, fell into depression, drunken all day, and blaming Marc for the loss of his brother to the point that she beat him up. As a way of coping up, Marc created Steven with the image of a loving mother, with no memories of all the trauma he had to go through.

However, if there is one scene that made everyone bawl their eyes out is the part where Marc breaks down after he didn’t attend the shiva of his mother. In the middle of an empty street, Marc drags the weight of the world on his shoulders with so much hatred and guilt piled up from his childhood, he finally reaches his breaking point and there, on his knees, one can feel with every action how painful it is for Marc.

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That scene, itself, cued the tears to fall on the cheeks of every viewer. Steven entered the scene telling Marc that it is not his fault, he was just a child then. Upon hearing that, surely, tears flooded.

It is important to note that Oscar Isaac plays two characters in the series, maybe even three, and it is already an amazing thing how he can change from Marc to Steven, interacting with his own character, but what makes Oscar Isaac’s performance stand out is how real it felt, like everyone watching the show was there, was him. It was so realistic that it directly tugged each heartstring.

Here are some of the reactions of the fans on the acting of Oscar Isaac:

See Oscar Isaac’s perfect portrayal of the character on the finale of Moon Knight releasing on May 4, 2022, exclusively on Disney Plus.

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