Moon Knight Episode 5: Will Steven Be Back?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

Steven Grant has been a pivotal part of the series since the start as the story revolved around him trying to understand what is happening to him as his perception of dreams and reality wouldn’t match each other. However, in a turning point in Moon Knight Episode 5, he makes a sacrifice to save Marc and that left him frozen in sand forever in the Realm of the Duat. Will he be back?

Moon Knight Episode 5: Will Steven Be Back?

Moon Knight Episode 5: Will Steven Be Back?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 5: Will Steven Be Back?

Moon Knight Episode 5, Asylum, has made everyone love Steven even more than before as he turns out to be the good within Marc, his anchor that there is some bright light at the end of the horizon. Steven always makes sure to see the positive side of life and to make it feel less of a burden. He has given a lot of comedic relief on the show and more than that, he is the light of the series.

From the start, Steven always has a positive outlook in life even when he has problems dealing with himself, not knowing where to draw the line between dreams and reality. True enough, his struggles didn’t define him, nothing like Marc who delves into the pain more often.

Their trip down memory lane turned out okay as Steven finally learned that Marc created him in his hopes of living a normal life full of love. Even when Steven is disappointed for not being the main persona, he still holds Marc dear to him and Steven even convinces Marc that he is not responsible for his brother’s death and he should not be blamed for it because he was just a kid, then, too.

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By the end of their journey, the balance is still not stable and Taweret declared that the unbalanced souls from the Duat will be claiming them. True enough, it did, with the people Marc killed as the avatar of Khonshu trying to bring them to the sands and have them frozen in stone forever. However, it was Steven who paid the price as he saved Marc from one of the souls.

It was Steven who gets frozen in sand and when the balance finally stabilized, the gates of Osiris finally opened up to Marc, leading him into the Field of Reeds.

Taweret mentioned early in the episode that once taken by the unbalanced souls of the Duat, those frozen in sand will forever remain there. Knowing Marc, he would do everything he can to bring back Steven and with his loss, he could be more determined to stop Harrow and Ammit, bring Khonshu back to life, and possibly ask Osiris himself to bring his alter back.


Moon Knight Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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