Michelle Obama Shock: Barack Obama’s Wife Reportedly Alarmed by Meghan Markle’s Attitude While Navigating Her Royal Role

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have been friends with Prince Harry for years. So, when the Duke of Sussex wed Meghan Markle, he managed to introduce his wife to the Obamas.

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Michelle Obama Reportedly Gave Meghan Markle Advice When She First Joined The Royal Family

As of writing, it's unclear how close Meghan Markle has become to Michelle Obama. But in the book Revenge: Harry, Meghan, and the War Between the Windsors, royal author Tom Bower claimed that Barack Obama's wife was alarmed by the Duchess of Sussex's attitude while she was navigating her royal life.

According to Bower, Michelle advised Markle to take some time and not rush into doing anything.

"In a warning note, she added: 'Like me, Meghan probably never dreamt she'd have a life like this; no-deal, the pressure you feel can sometimes feel like a lot.' Meghan, Obama suggested, should be reasonable: 'What I'd say is that there's so much opportunity to do good with a platform like that and I think Meghan can maximize her impact for others, as well her own happiness if she's doing something that resonates with her personally," Bower wrote (via Mirror UK).

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Michelle Obama And Meghan Markle's Friendship Reportedly Blossomed Over The Years?

But over the years, Markle and Michelle's friendship reportedly blossomed amid all the controversies that the former was facing. In fact, the ex-FLOTUS even called the Duchess of Sussex her "friend" when she posted a photo of Markle on her Instagram account.

"Thank you to my friend, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, a thoughtful leader who is breaking the mold and making our world better for it. Whether meeting with our leaders or helping girls around the world seek the education they deserve, she is an inspiration to so many," Michelle gushed.

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Michelle Obama Weighed In On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Revelation During Oprah Winfrey Interview?

Michelle didn't also shy away from sharing her thoughts about Prince Harry and Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the couple's conversation with the talk show host, they revealed that a member of the royal family had concerns about Archie's skin color.

"The thing I hope for and the thing that think about is that this is first and foremost a family and I pray for forgiveness and healing for them so they can use this as a teachable moment for us all," Michelle told NBC.

But two years after the interview aired, Prince Harry clarified that he and his wife never accused anyone of racism. He stressed that it was the media that used the term after hearing about their story.

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