Princess Margaret Never Complained as Queen Elizabeth’s Spare Unlike Prince Harry, Former Lady-In-Waiting Lady Anne Glenconner Says

Credit: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Margaret and Prince Harry share more differences than similarities despite both of them being the spare to their older siblings. According to former lady-in-waiting Lady Anne Glenconner, Princess Margaret never complained about her role and position within the royal family.

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Princess Margaret Never Complained About Being A Spare, Unlike Prince Harry?

While speaking with People, Glenconner also revealed that there was only one thing that Princess Margaret complained about, and that had to do with her lack of good education.

"I knew Princess Margaret very, very well. And of course, she was a spare for quite a long time. But I mean, she was always completely loyal to the Queen. The only thing I ever heard her complain about was that she wish she'd been better educated. The Queen had people from Oxford and Cambridge universities and Eton College to tutor her. Princess Margaret was left with the governess. But that was the only thing she ever said — that she wished she'd been better educated. But otherwise, I mean, there was no whining, no complaining," she said.

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Former Lady-In-Waiting Says The Younger Generation Of Royals Are Very Different From Older Generations?

Glenconner did not directly mention Prince Harry's name during her interview. But she said that the younger generation of royals just keeps on complaining left and right.

"When I was talking about the young, that's what they do now — they seem to complain and whine. My generation lived through the war and had a really awful childhood. My parents were away for three years. I didn't see them. My father was fighting in El Alamein in Egypt, and my uncle was killed. So when we came out of it, we just felt so lucky to be alive. There's so much to enjoy in this world. I think that my, you know. I hate banging on about my generation, but we are quite different," she said.

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King Charles Wants Prince Harry To Attend His Coronation?

Glenconner also shared her thoughts about King Charles' coronation by saying that she thinks the monarch would want Prince Harry to be in attendance. But since the coronation falls on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son's birthday, it's unlikely for them to make it.

"I'm sure the King would like him to come. This one is going to be smaller. It's going to be more inclusive, I think with many more religions represented. That is going to play a big part," she said.

Glennconer was also present during Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953. At the time, King Charles was just 4 years old, and he was also in attendance.

"He was just above me — he was brought in for the crowning. We were standing below him, and he was up there with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. I could hear him talking, asking her what was what," she recounted.

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