Prince George Shock: Kate Middleton’s Son Reportedly Needs the Public to Fall in Love With Him That’s Why He Makes Appearances at Such a Young Age

Credit: Access Hollywood/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Access Hollywood/YouTube Screenshot

Prince George has been making public appearances together with Prince William and Kate Middleton for many years. As the future king of Britain, the young royal reportedly needs to establish rapport with the public as early as now.

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Prince George Needs The Public To Fall In Love With Him Right Now?

While speaking with OK! Magazine royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said that Prince William and Kate Middleton wouldn’t expose Prince George too much to the outside world if it were up to them. But because of their son’s future role in the British monarchy, the royal couple doesn’t have much choice.

“William and Kate wouldn’t let George, Charlotte, or Louis appear in public if they had the choice — but they don’t. Because if the public doesn’t fall in love with Prince George as a little boy, then he’s going to be playing catch up for the rest of his life. By the time the queen came to the throne, the nation had fallen in love with Princess Elizabeth because they felt her pain. They saw her very popular father, the unexpected king, die at such a young age and the public loved and supported the queen because of what happened to her father,” he said.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Raising Prince George Differently?

And even though there are similarities between how Prince George is being raised with that of his father, Middleton is reportedly making sure that her kids have an entirely different childhood.

“Although there are some similarities, George is being raised in a very different way to Prince William. William has based his children’s upbringing on the Middleton model — three children, affluent, but hard-working parents, and lots of love in the house. By the time Kate was in her early twenties, she counted her mother and father on the list of her best friends. That’s what William and Kate are aspiring to with their children, but they also have to drip-feed George, and to some extent Charlotte and Louis, into the public domain,” Larcombe said.

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Prince George Knows That He Will Be King Someday?

While speaking with Express, royal author Katie Nicholl said that Prince William and Middleton are finding the right balance when it comes to their children, particularly Prince George.

“Just as William learned from an early age what his future entailed, taking lessons in kingship from his grandmother when he was a schoolboy at Eton, he is keen that George — who has a quieter personality than his more extrovert sister — knows what will one day be expected of him. William is determined the monarchy will survive but also acknowledges that by the time George comes to the throne, the world will be a very different place. He is preparing him for that, too,” she said.

As early as now, Prince George already knows that he will be king one day. However, Prince William and Middleton are making a conscious effort not to weigh their son down with this information.

“George knows that he’s going to be king one day, but what Kate and William are not doing is weighing him down with a sense of duty. It’s not an easy job as parents to have to prepare one of your children to be the future monarch, but it’s communicated in a way that George can absolutely understand,” she said.

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