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Marvel's What If..? Featurette Reveals How Peggy Carter Got the Super Soldier Serum

Credit: Marvel Studios

A new teaser for the latest Marvel show on Disney+ reveals how Peggy Carter becomes the Captain instead of Steve Rogers with the featurette explaining how she got the super soldier serum in What If..? and it seems like the heroine did it out of love. Her origin begins in the upcoming series and she's one strong lead to look out for.

In the latest featurette released by Marvel for What If..? titled Moment, it showed how Peggy Carter, who has been teased long before to be donning the suit of the Captain, received the super-soldier serum, and no, it's not that she was supposed to be the one in the chamber, but she did it when an unexpected incident happened at the lab.

The featurette showed that the laboratory of Howard Stark was preparing for Steve Rogers to undergo the process of becoming a super soldier when an unexpected explosion happened to throw him out of the chamber. While he was unconscious, Howard said, "it has to be now." We see Peggy putting herself into the machine, therefore, becoming Captain Carter, and even leading the Howling Commandos.

Following the said scene, things we are about to see in the show have been teased with the words, "this Wednesday, the secrets of the multiverse will be revealed." As for Steve, he has been teased in previous trailers to don the Hydra Stomper suit and he still remains to be the love interest of Peggy, a whole new story between the two of them.

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Familiar faces are present but not in their usual positions, easily, that is the plot of the series. The show would really be one for the books as it would give everyone a whole new perspective of the MCU with canon alternate realities being told.

Releasing weekly on Disney+, What If..? will have a total of nine episodes for the whole first season while it has already been confirmed for another run, having the arc of Captain Carter continue until further seasons. There are no plans yet for the DVD or Blu-Ray release of the show.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 1 will premiere on August 11, 2021, at 3 AM EST, exclusively on Disney+.

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