Will Marvel’s What If..? Be on DVD or Blu-Ray and When Will It Be Released?

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The excitement continues as Marvel's What If..? is about to grace the television screens on Disney+ in a few days as it will be taking us all to various alternate realities still canon to the MCU of what could happen had things went on a different path. As one of the series lined up for the fourth phase, many have been wondering whether it would be released on DVD or Blu-Ray and if so, when.

Marvel's What If..? has a plot that would be totally different from what we have already seen in the MCU making it really interesting to see our beloved characters animated in their respective stories of alternate realities. It would be nothing like we have ever seen as it would be a complete turnaround of the way we know the story and the heroes and villains themselves.


As the MCU has recently been setting up the multiverse and it finally opened and broke through in the finale of Loki, it's fitting that Marvel's What If..? comes next as it would be focusing on various alternate realities that the characters could have had. It would focus on stories that we all know could have happened but didn't and it would be massive to see how the story for each turned out.

With time and space set in the MCU as non-linear and everchanging, these stories that Uatu the Watcher would be telling us would up the game of the alternate realities with characters swapping places, events ending up not the way it was supposed to be, and even enemies becoming friends. That in itself sells the whole show easily as it gives a new perspective on what we already know.

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Will Marvel's What If..? Be on DVD or Blu-Ray and When Will It Be Released?

Will Marvel’s What If..? Be on DVD or Blu-Ray and When Will It Be Released?
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Credit: Marvel Studios

As for the physical copies of Marvel's What If..?, there has been no news released yet on whether it out be out on DVD or Blu-Ray. Recently, in an inside scoop from TVLine, it was speculated that there are no plans yet as to the release of the series of Marvel on Disney+ to be on physical copies. While the question remains, given that the show is featuring alternate realities, maybe in some other branch, there would be.

Still, it's too early to close the doors on the DVD or Blu-Ray release of Marvel's What If..? as well as all the other series on Disney+ to have their physical copies. For now, all these shows are exclusively streaming and will be up on Disney+ with What If..? having the weekly release of all its nine episodes for the first season on the said platform.

Marvel's What If..? Episode 1 will premiere on August 11, 2021, at 3 AM EST, exclusively on Disney+.