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How Many Episodes Will Marvel’s What If..? Have and When are They Released on Disney Plus

Credit: Marvel Studios

Since the finale of Loki, various alternate realities were introduced, and surely, they would definitely be something to look forward to. With Marvel's What If..?, we'll finally see some canonical branched stories from the characters we all know and love, and the events we already saw but with a different ending. This brings us to how many episodes will the show have and when will are they released on Disney Plus.

What If..? is one of the newest Marvel shows that is highly anticipated as it will open into the world of possibilities answering the what-ifs-and-could-have-beens in the MCU for every character we know and for every event which could have ended differently had it happened some other way and this is where we would see it all.

As told by Uatu the Watcher that reality is not a straight line, these branches of alternate stories would bring us a whole new perspective of the MCU. It will have characters swapping roles, events which could have been won by the villain and the heroes defeated, or even heroes who never got the chance to be who they were destined to be due to some intervention.

As seen in various previews, teasers, and trailers, Tony Stark never got the chance to build the Iron Man suit because he was saved by Killmonger, Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum becoming the captain anyone ever expected, Doctor Strange goes dark, Yondu kidnapped the wrong child as he took T'Challa who then becomes Star Lord and many other stories like that.

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How Many Episodes Will Marvel's What If..?

To give ample time to re-tell the stories we used to know in a different perspective, Marvel's What If..? gets nine episodes for the whole season 1. It was originally ten but due to the pandemic and the restrictions it had for various industries including entertainment, the episode number was cut off and the people behind the show just decided to carry over the one episode to the next season.

What If..? is also expected to be a multi-season series and that makes it one of the first for Marvel. Loki had been confirmed for a second season but not for several seasons. For What If..?, it has already been teased that Captain Carter's arc will continue for two seasons or more, seemingly confirming that there would be more. What better way to re-tell the whole MCU through alternate realities than more seasons, right?

The show will be releasing weekly on Disney+ and it would fill the previous Wednesday schedule that Loki held when it aired. It will continue until all the nine episodes are complete and it would remain there until, who knows, only they can tell. As for the physical copies, however, there seems to be no plan yet but it's still too early to close the doors for that.

Marvel's What If…? Episode1 will premiere on August 11, 2021, at 3 AM, exclusively on Disney+.

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