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Marvel Casting Director Breaks Silence On Not Recasting T'Challa: 'There Was No Recasting Chadwick'

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Chadwick Boseman’s passing has not only affected his loved ones around him, but even his fellow cast members in the Black Panther and Marvel franchise. Although there had been issues on whether or not to recast Boseman’s T’Challa in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Marvel Casting Director breaks silence on the ongoing debate.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter during the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever red carpet premiere, Marvel Casting Director Sarah Halley Finn finally answers the long-running debate about the character’s recast. Finn revealed that she fully agreed with the decision of Kevin Feige and director Ryan Coogler that T’Challa should not be recast. Here's why:

“I think, obviously, his passing was such a shock and so sudden. I did not have a role to play on whether they were going to keep the Black Panther. That was Kevin Feige and Ryan Coogler and everyone else’s decision. And I agree that there was no recasting Chadwick.”

Granted that Boseman’s T’Challa is irreplaceable, this becomes a groundbreaking transition for the people of Wakanda to defend their land with or without a hero. Black Panther 2 is set to encounter its upcoming villain, Namor, played by Tenoch Huerta, who aims to protect his own kingdom underwater from the people on the surface.

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The Black Panther sequel is set to be even more emotional now with T’Challa’s funeral in the picture. The trailer revealed Wakanda setting up a proper funeral for T’Challa and in honor of his might and courage in protecting his people while he was still canonically alive, the sequel’s designer chose to have the cast wear white, which “connects us to Chadwick, to T’Challa.”

Black Panther 2 is set to premiere on November 11.


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