Logan Star Dafne Keen Shares Hugh Jackman’s Greatest Advice

While MCU fans are highly anticipating Hugh Jackman’s long-awaited return as Wolverine on Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool 3 (or Wolverine 10, as Jackman continuously insists on calling it), Logan co-star Dafne Keen (who played young mutant X-23, also known as Laura) recalls the greatest advice Hugh Jackman ever gave her.

Speaking with Marie Claire, His Dark Materials and soon-to-be featured in upcoming Star Wars: The Acolyte star shares at a very young age, she was taught by Logan director James Mangold to always go ‘full out’ when acting in scenes. However, in contrast to Mangold’s craft-focused advice, Keen reveals the very words Jackman had told her, a most important lesson on how to treat castmates and crew members. Read her full quote about Jackman’s advice below:

“Hugh Jackman was so great as the number one on set at teaching me how to treat crew. He was the most brilliant person with the crew, he taught me how the distance between cast and crew is wrong and that everyone is to be treated equally. He was close with everyone from the crew, he knew everyone’s names and would get people lottery tickets each week. I learnt the ropes from him and feel very lucky to have been taught that by him.”

Dafne Keen in Logan
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Dafne Keen in Logan

It hits differently when something as impactful as Jackman’s advice continues to echo inside of you even as times pass by, especially since Keen has definitely grown more as a woman lately, as she also admits she is ready to take on more grown-up roles.

There are no official announcements on Keen possibly returning as Laura to star with Wolverine in Deadpool 3, however, there’s a high chance that if 2017’s Logan film were managed to fit in the MCU timeline, Laura could appear in the post-credits scene as a teaser for her eventual meeting with the mutant.

Meanwhile, Dafne Keen returns as Lyra in His Dark Materials Season 3, and has been reportedly cast in Star Wars: The Acolyte.

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