MCU Fans React After Deadpool 3 Gets Affected by Latest Marvel Studios Delays

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

Last month, it was officially confirmed that Ryan Reynolds' Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 3 has been set in stone. The Canadian actor was the one who broke out the news surrounding Wade Wilson's first MCU outing and not only that, but he's bringing Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to the fold.

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Credit: Fox

However, as exciting as the project is, Deadpool 3 is undergoing some changes with regard to its theatrical release and as per a new report, the much-awaited project has been affected by Marvel Studios' latest release reshuffling.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Aaron Couch, Marvel Studios has pushed back a number of projects, including the anticipated team-up project between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Originally, Deadpool 3 was scheduled for release on September 6, 2024, but has now been given a November 8th theatrical release.

Among the films that were pushed back to later release dates are Blade (September 6, 2024), Fantastic Four (February 14, 2025), and Avengers: Secret Wars (May 1, 2026). As it stands, details about the said delays weren't disclosed but it's safe to assume that other projects will retain their original release dates.

Following the news, MCU fans stormed Twitter to air their reactions to the MCU delays. Check out some of the tweets below:

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Thankfully, it's just a two-month wait for fans and it doesn't sound as concerning as the other delays that have officially been confirmed. Now, we still have no idea when production begins for the project but given how Jackman has already begun his physical training for the film, it would be safe to assume that cameras will begin rolling for the sequel early next year.

Deadpool 3 is now slated for release on November 8th, 2024.

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