Jennifer Garner Worried About Ben Affleck? Ex-husband Is Reportedly Talking About Divorce, Struggles With His Marriage With 'Controlling' Jennifer Lopez

Credit: LIVEKellyandRyan

Credit: LIVEKellyandRyan

There have been various rumors about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's marriage due to the latter's alleged controlling nature. A new report claimed that Jennifer Garner is already prepping herself for the worst in their marriage.

Jennifer Garner Is Reportedly Worried About Ex-Husband Ben Affleck

Lopez and Affleck have been married for eight months following their surprise wedding in Las Vegas. However, he is reportedly already unhappy about their marriage, and Garner is steeling herself for the "inevitable" day when she has to dive in and pick up the pieces, according to Radar Online.

A friend of the celebrity said:

"Ben's got everyone worried. He doesn't seem to be in a good place lately."

The Batman actor made headlines after attending the Grammys with Lopez because he looked miserable. They were caught on camera with Lopez seemingly snapping at him.

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According to insiders, the incident prompted Affleck to talk about divorce. JLo allegedly rushed them into make-or-break couples therapy.

A spy said about the celebrity couple:

"They're fighting to save their marriage right now and there's no doubt it's taking a toll on Ben."

The tipster added:

"Jennifer can tell a mile off how unhappy Ben is and it worries her to no end where this is all headed. He may be J Lo's problem now, but he's still the father of her three kids."

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Jennifer Lopez Needy, Controlling Ways A Problem?

The source added that the Marry Me actress was trying to control her husband. She allegedly upgraded Affleck's wardrobe and prevented him from developing a close bond with divorcée Tom Brady.

A source claimed in December that Lopez was being needy with Affleck. Lopez's controlling ways also allegedly made the Yes Day star hesitant about their blended family.

An insider said this in November:

"It's really been Jen's job for the last 15 years to engineer these perfect Thanksgivings for her kids. Ben and J Lo's marriage changes that dynamic."

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How's Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner's Relationship?

One should take the report with a grain of salt because other outlets reported otherwise. Also, Lopez has already dismissed the rumors about them fighting at the Grammys.

She shared their highlights from the event on Instagram and, in the caption, wrote: "Always the best time with my love, my husband."

As for their co-parenting arrangement, Lopez praised Garner in her interview with Vogue last year for being "an amazing co-parent," noting that Garner and Affleck "work really well together."

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An anonymous source also claimed that Affleck's wife and ex-wife forged a friendship.

The source told Us Weekly:

"Now that Jen and Jen have been co-parenting, they've been getting to know each other better and have formed a very new friendship."

What can you say about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage? Is there something that Jennifer Garner has to be worried about?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

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