Jennifer Lopez Shock: Ben Affleck’s Wife Snapped at Him? JLo Reportedly Told Jennifer Garner’s Ex-husband to ‘Look Motivated’ at Grammys 2023

Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attended the 2023 Grammys together. However, they were caught on camera seemingly having an argument.

Did Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Fight At The 2023 Grammys?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who wed last year after they reconciled nearly 20 years after they called off their first engagement in the early 2000s, were both present at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday.

However, many noticed that Affleck didn't share the same energy as his wife, who was spotted dancing at the ceremony. Jennifer Garner's ex-husband looked miserable at the event, with some joking he would rather want to be at Dunkin Donuts or somewhere else.

They were also caught in what seemed to be an argument, which turned awkward because they were seated in the front row, and it was caught on camera.

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In the clip obtained by Daily Mail, the Batman star whispered something to Lopez's ear. She jerked away and seemingly snapped at him. He frowned and straightened up his vest and posture.

Meanwhile, she turned around with a stern face, only to realize that there was a camera. Lopez focused on host Trevor Noah, who was beside them pretending to have a phone call with his mom. And she started smiling.

The outlet claimed that Lopez snapped at her husband and demanded that he pretend to enjoy the event after the embarrassing exchange. A lip reader commissioned by the outlet shared what the celebrity couple allegedly said to each other during the tense exchange.

"Stop," Lopez reportedly told Affleck, the lip reader said in a separate report from Daily Mail. "Look more friendly. Look motivated."

"I might," the Argo actor replied.

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Netizens React To Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck's Alleged Argument At The Grammys 2023

The same video was shared on TikTok, and it received mixed responses from the netizens. Several online users also shared their speculations on what the couple talked about.

"these people don't look happy," one commented. Another added, "He was fed up."

"It's sad. He looks forced to be there. My guess is that maybe he wanted to go smoke a cigarette and she didn't like that," a third user wrote.

"he asks can i get drink she says no no you promised me he then says just one," a fourth commenter added.

"Jlo 'sit up and behave yourself, I don't want to hear a peep out of you'-Ben 'yes mom'," another suggested.

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Meanwhile, some speculated that their marriage would end up in divorce. Others believed that there was trouble in paradise just months after they exchanged "I do's."

"divorce in 1,2,3......😅😂😂😂," one commented.

"ok is trouble in paradise [jennifer] face tells all," another user wrote.

However, despite the various speculations about their marriage, Jennifer Lopez gave a shoutout to her husband in a post on Instagram where she shared their highlights from the event.

"Always the best time with my love, my husband," she wrote with a white heart emoji.

Do you agree that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had an argument at the 2023 Grammys? Do you believe that there's trouble in paradise?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

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