Is Kro the Main Villain in Marvel's Eternals?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the most surprising takes in the final trailer ofEternals is when Thena seems to be captured by a creature with four eyes and an alien-like physique telling her that they cannot protect any of the people. That one is Kro and he is a deviant that lurked Earth for many years, but is he the main villain in the upcoming Marvel film?

Is Kro the Main Villain in Marvel's Eternals?

Kro is expected to lead the Deviants when they attack Earth and the Eternals. In the comics, Kro is the general of the deviants and he is unique among his kind as his mutation gives him near-immortality and longer life than those others. He is over 20,000 years old and he has a secret power giving him an edge: he could shapeshift.

His shapeshifting abilities make him closer to the Eternals and he continuously hides this power even from his own people as he's a different deviant. This ability makes him a lot stronger than other deviants and it also makes him more dangerous because you never know if it is already him in front of you due to this ability.

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For hundreds of years, Kro had to change his identity over and over again and the humans even mistook him for being the devil. Throughout these changes, it also meant that his physical appearance shifts over time as well.

However, that does not mean that he is the only villain to appear in the film. Ajak teased that there is an Emergence about to arrive following the snap of Hulk bringing back half of the population of the universe, opening enough energy to start whatever the Eternals are scared of happening to the point that they now have to intervene.

The Celestials, their creators, also made various appearances in the final trailer and these beings are supreme beyond imagination being the makers of the Eternals and the Deviants. It is also possible that maybe one of the Eternals end up being a villain, possibly Druig, as he seems off throughout his appearances in the trailer.

Eternals is scheduled for a theatrical release on November 5, 2021.

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