What are Deviants and How do They Differ From Eternals?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

An upcoming film will be introducing us to a new group of heroes existing long before any other here on Earth and for the first time, they would be coming out of hiding as a threat so vast arrives on the planet, one they cannot let pass. Their enemies, the Deviants, start wreaking havoc, what are these creatures and how do they differ from the Eternals?

What are Deviants and How do They Differ From Eternals?

There are two races created by the Celestials: the Eternals and the Deviants. The Eternals are the genetic winners of the lottery, a cosmic race of beings that are so god-like: near-immortal and powerful, compared to the other race born with them at the same time, the genetically unstable Deviants.

One of the main comparisons is their appearance. Eternals are like humans who look stunning, ageless, everlasting, and as seen in the final trailer, their powers are so immense, they come in different styles and ways of combat. Meanwhile, the Deviants, are not so fortunate with how they look like and they are like monsters.

The Celestials arrived on Earth for their first host and they got a group of ape-men collected by Gammenon the Gatherer who were later brought to Ziran the Tester giving the mutations from an unstable genome, destabilized DNA which gave them radical changes in their façade, they went into hiding in caves.

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When the Eternals were made, they were tall beings that could channel into cosmic power. Being a group of powered individuals given their origins, they can use their powers and abilities to either their advantage or the other way around. Given that they are, kind of, stuck together for all eternity, it must have been settled already.

The Eternals are near-immortal, they are continuously conscious of the mental hold that they have on their physical form allowing them to be near immortal or effectively immortal. Basically, like a cheat on death itself, they hold their presence through their minds.

As for the Deviants, they are hostile to all kinds of species. They exist beyond the human norm from their intelligence to their strength, even in their lifespan as well. Once you see them, you know it's a deviant, and you wouldn't even need any confirmation from anyone else because their physical attributes are really telling.

The Deviants would be wreaking havoc on Earth so better watch out for them on November 5, 2021, in the theatrical release of the Eternals.

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