Is Eleanor Bishop a Villain in Hawkeye?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Since the start of Hawkeye, Eleanor Bishop seems suspicious with her business and her actions. The mother of Kate, however, remains faithful to her daughter and that she is the most important person in her world. While her intentions may look pure, Episode 5 changes her game as it has been revealed that she hired Yelena Belova to kill Clint Barton and she is connected to Kingpin. Does this mean she is a villain?

Is Eleanor Bishop a Villain in Hawkeye?

Is Eleanor Bishop a Villain in Hawkeye?
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Is Eleanor Bishop a Villain in Hawkeye?

Vera Farmiga plays the role of Eleanor Bishop, mom of Kate and widow of Derek, the publishing magnate of Manhattan. In the comics, she died, or so everyone thought. It was revealed that she survived the mysterious death from her ski trip in Colorado and she worked with Madame Masque to take her husband down for being involved in her death.

Just looking at Eleanor will make you quiver of how villainous she might be. However, it is not until Episode 5 of Hawkeye where we see her true intentions and colors. Yelena goes out following Eleanor Bishop as she goes to a hotel. Being trained as a really good spy, Yelena was able to trace who hired her and it was a surprise when she informed Kate that it was her mother all along – Eleanor Bishop hired Yelena to kill Hawkeye.

In the clip sent by Yelena, Eleanor met with Kingpin at the hotel and Hawkeye knows that what happens next would not be good as the big boss gets involved, something he is worried that would happen.

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See, Eleanor looks like she has a lot of things kept in the closet. She got Jack Duquesne as her fiancé, one who belongs to a rich family. Their engagement is so fast, Kate didn’t see it coming. With new revelations, it seems like she is using Jack as her escape plan, the one she could pin the crimes to.

She remains supportive on Kate following who she wants to be but at the same time, she wants to keep her out of whatever mess she got into. Easily, Eleanor could be a villain considering her ties with Kingpin, a major baddie in Daredevil.

The finale of Hawkeye could finally close this question as to whether she really is a villain or not. For now, she is one. It’s not too late to change, though. Her maternal instincts could win her over to the good side, that is for sure. When it comes to Kate, she cares for her so much, she’ll do anything for her.

Hawkeye finale will be streaming exclusively of Disney Plus.

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