Hawkeye: Who is Grills?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Hawkeye has an abundance of characters which just debuted and while they may seem minor, they are really helpful with how the story goes. As for Grills, he embodies being such a friendly ally of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and he even taught the dog how to dance. However, viewers are skeptical whether he would share the same fate as his comic book counterpart.

Hawkeye: Who is Grills?

Hawkeye: Who is Grills?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye: Who is Grills?

Played by Clayton English, Grills already made his debut in Episode 2 being the New York City LARPer-slash-fireman who was able to retrieve the Ronin suit from the fire that ensued at Kate’s apartment and he and Clint bonded over the live-action role-play where Grills wore the costume and asked Clint to let him win in the fight in exchange for the suit because that’s a really cool thing, right, to defeat an Avenger even if it’s just a role-play?


He appeared back in Episode 4 where Kate and Clint asked the LARPers’ help in retrieving their arrows from police custody. He even baked some goods for them. In Episode 5, he clearly showed what a true neighbor he is when he let Clint crash with him when Hawkeye only asked to look for the dog. He couldn’t let Clint sleep in a hotel.

Grills has been very generous and they also had a scrumptious breakfast together while he shows Kate and Clint the trick that he taught the dog: dancing.

While he may seem like a supporting character, his origins date back to the comic books. Grills, in the comics, is the neighbor of Clint who always wears a trucker hat and glasses. He calls Clint “Hawkguy” and unfortunately, he was one of the casualties of the attack of the Tracksuit mafia, specifically by Kazi Kazimierczack, when he entered the apartment of Grills. His death affected Clint.

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It is yet unknown whether Grills will face the same fate as his comic book counterpart and with his closeness to Clint and Kate being shown, it is not far from happening. Kazi is present in the series as well and this may be where things go down the drain. With only one run left, Grills remains to be the friendly neighborhood LARPer who selflessly helps Kate and Clint is various ways.

Hawkeye finale will be streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.