Hunter x Hunter Manga Might Return Soon Based on New Update From Togashi

hunter x hunter return gon

hunter x hunter return gon

After sharing a new look at Kurapika in the manga, Yoshihiro Togashi has just given us a major update on his progress in the Hunter x Hunter manga, indicating a possible return soon.

Togashi recently shared on his personal Twitter account that the drafts of the 10 chapters he’s working on are now complete.

He also mentioned that he will now begin working on the next 10 chapters, and he will give updates on the inking process of the previous batch.

While the post did not mention any release plans for the new chapters, this is a strong indication that Hunter x Hunter will return from its hiatus soon.

The fact that Togashi is continuing work on the next 10 chapters has also been met with an enthusiastic response from fans. In discussions online, fans have mentioned how they only expected to see 10 chapters in the series’ upcoming return.

In case you need some context, Hunter x Hunter is a manga series by Togashi which began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump back in March 1998.

The series was initially published at a regular pace, but it has gone on several long hiatuses due to Togashi’s health.

Since 2016, the series’ release has become sporadic, with the last chapter being released back on November 26, 2018.

As fans were waiting amidst the series’ longest hiatus to date, Togashi opened an official Twitter account earlier this year which quickly got millions of followers. In fact, he became the most followed mangaka on Twitter after just 3 days.

Since then, Togashi has shared regular updates on his progress on the next Hunter x Hunter chapters, giving fans hope that the series’ return is coming soon.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 currently has no release date yet, though some expect to see it get released sometime this year given that a special Yoshihiro Togashi exhibition will open in Japan in October 2022.

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