Marvel's What If..? Drops New Featurette Explaining What To Expect From the Series

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A new featurette dropped for Marvel's What If..? and it is titled "What Is What If…?" with the voice of Uatu the Watcher, Jeffrey Wright, narrating and explaining what to expect from the new show about to arrive on Disney+ and the series looks exciting as ever, not only because it would be animated, but the whole package of having alternate realities told as well.

In the new featurette of Marvel's What If..?, Uatu explains how reality is never a straight path where every moment opens a possible offshoot, like a variant we all saw in the recent Loki series. He shares how there are a lot of realities more than any individual could think of, as he says, "an infinite number of what-ifs."


Jeffrey Wright introduced himself as Uatu the Watcher who can see through things the way others cannot, he said, "the totality of the multiverse across all time and space." Considering the name of his character, he sees all that is happening from all angles, much like He Who Remains sans the interventions.

Wright teases, "the stories you thought you know are nothing like you remember, familiar faces in unfamiliar roles, the captain no one expected, and foes who became friends." As he narrated, it showed various scenes to expect in the show like T'Challa being Star Lord, Peggy becoming Captain Carter, and Tony Stark being saved by Killmonger.

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Veteran Actor Jeffrey Wright will be making his way into the MCU, not in the usual way, as he would be voicing Uatu the Watcher in the upcoming Marvel show of What If..? Wright is known for his roles as Beetee in The Hunger Games, Basquiat as the titular character, Felix Leiter in the James Bond films, and in the HBO series, Westworld. He also has a film in DC as Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon in the 2022 Batman movie.

Marvel's What If..? will offer a new take on the stories we used to watch for the past decade in scenarios nothing as we have already seen. It will provide answers to questions that have been inside our minds since the start and it will definitely show us a new perspective on the possibilities that are in store.

It will be releasing weekly on Disney+ spanning nine episodes and while the stories are non-canonical to the plots and twists we already watched, it sheds new light on what could have possibly happened if such events did not happen the way they should.

Excited about this new show? Marvel's What If..? will premiere on August 11, 2021 at 3 AM exclusively on Disney+.