How Fast Is Ghost Rider in the Comics? The Answer May Surprise You

Potentially faster than anything in any known universe. That is – if he’s riding his car. And if we are to believe Deathlok.

Ghost Rider’s speed is something that might be underestimated even by comic book fans. So if you count yourself as one of those who don’t believe the flaming-headed character is one of the fastest in Marvel, read up. Perhaps you might gain a newfound respect for the fiery skull-head.

How Fast Is Ghost Rider's Motorcycle?

Ghost Rider motorcycle
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When he's not busting out his penance stare, Ghost Rider is game for a race.

As we may have hinted earlier, the most recent incarnation of Ghost Rider uses a car to carry out his hellish brand of justice.

But previous versions of the Marvel comics character made use of a motorcycle endowed with mystical powers. Known as the Hell Cycle, it was made by the demon Mephisto and fueled by the fires of hell itself. And because it’s mystical, it treats the laws of physics like a joke.

But how fast is the Hell Cycle as depicted in Marvel’s comics pages?

There may be no definitive answer in comics history. But Ghost Rider (riding his bike) once gave chase to a flying Thor pulled by his trusted Mjolnir. Now according to Marvel Wiki, Mjolnir is capable of traveling equal to or exceeding the speed of sound. We all know that the speed of sound is around 767 miles per hour. By that logic, we can infer that Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle can reach or even top 767 miles per hour.

Okay, how fast is 700 miles per hour? For added context, the cruise speed of an F-18 fighter jet (the one piloted by Will Smith in Independence Day) is 660 miles per hour. If you want a more grounded comparison, look no further than the fastest car in history, the jet car Thrust SuperSonic Car (ThrustSSC), which clocked in at 763 miles per hour in 1997. For a more fantastical comparison, 700 miles per hour is the speed of a TIE Fighter.

How Fast Is Ghost Rider's Hell Charger Car?

Ghost Rider Hell Charger
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The latest Ghost Rider doesn't ride a motorcycle.

Now that we’ve tackled the Hell Cycle, it’s high time we move on to the Hell Charger Car. But first, some bit of background.

In 2014, Marvel Comics introduced a new Ghost Rider – somebody who would continue the legacy of past flame-heads like Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch. That somebody is Roberto “Robbie” Reyes, a high school kid who works as a mechanic by day and occasionally participates in street races at night to augment his meager income. He is killed by mercenaries and is revived as the Ghost Rider.

But what makes his version different from previous ones is his ride. This time around, he’s driving a car instead of the traditional motorcycle. His car came to be known as the Hell Charger (quite literally, a 1969 Dodge Charger from hell).

Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger is nothing like the Chargers we see in the first Fast and Furious film (Vin Diesel’s car) and Death Proof (Kurt Russell’s car). Like the Hell Cycle, the Hell Charger is powered by hellfire. So once again – goodbye, laws of physics.

So how fast can the Hell Charger go in the comics?

Again, there’s no definitive answer. But in Avengers Vol. 8 #50, Robbie Reyes has an encounter with Deathlok who tells the youngster that he’s one of the six Omni-Avengers (the strongest Avengers member versions across the Multiverse). As such, Robbie might be more powerful than he can imagine.

And that power extends to his ride, the Hell Charger. Deathlok goes on to say that if fully unleashed, Robbie’s Hell Charger is capable of “outrunning anything in any known universe.”

Does “anything” include the Sentry (tens of thousands of miles per second)? What about Makkari, the Eternal (he can run at near-light speed)? Or perhaps Gilpetperdon, aka Runner (whose “Absolute Speed” can’t be measured)?

To be clear, Robbie is yet to put his Hell Charger to the test in the comics. So we may have to wait for Marvel writers to come up with scenarios in which the Ghost Rider’s car will showcase its true speed.

Is Ghost Rider Faster Than Flash?

Ghost Rider Flash
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Flash going out for a light jog.

Flash gets his speedster powers from the cosmic energy source known as the Speed Force. We know that this force only exists in the DC universe.

But if we’re to base the superiority of Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger on Deathlok’s statement, the cyborg did say that Robbie Reyes can potentially outpace “anything in any known universe.”

If the DC universe is covered under “any known universe” within Marvel’s Multiverse, then you can say that Ghost Rider potentially has the advantage.

But then again, we’re only trusting Deathlok’s words on this subject. Technically speaking, we haven’t seen the Hell Charger provide evidence that it can, indeed, do what Deathlok is claiming.

Wait – but Flash can time travel using the Speed Force. Okay, we’re drawing the line here. How can you outrun time travel? We’re not gonna go there.

Is Ghost Rider Faster Than Quicksilver?

Ghost Rider Quicksilver
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Is Ghost Rider quicker than Quicksilver?

It depends on which Quicksilver we’re talking about (and conversely, which version of Ghost Rider).
The earlier version of Quicksilver was capable of moving at the speed of sound. And we’ve already established that Ghost Rider (even the versions prior to Robbie Reyes) can achieve that speed on his Hell Cycle.

Quicksilver would later get exposed to the High Evolutionary’s Isotope E. This increased his top speed to Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound). Now that would be a worthier challenge for Ghost Rider, wouldn’t it?

It gets better – Quicksilver once lost his powers, but regained new ones thanks to the Terrigen Mist. His new powers let him manipulate time and space. In other words, it basically allows the guy to jump into the future.

Okay, we’re drawing the line again. Time travel is just unfair. You can’t compete with somebody who crosses the finish line before the starting gun can even go off.

Theoretically, Ghost Rider wins this, but there’s no proof.

Still with us? Comics discussions sure are fun, right?

Is Ghost Rider Faster Than Silver Surfer?

Ghost Rider Silver Surfer
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Just two superfast folks hangin' out under the moonlight.

Going by Deathlok’s “anything” statement, it can also apply to the Silver Surfer, who’s no slouch when it comes to speed. After all, the dude can travel hundreds of thousands of light-years in seconds. He’s been shown in the comics to time travel too – but again, WE’RE NOT GONNA GO THERE.

But it’s worth noting that the Silver Surfer can travel at speeds faster than light. So if we’re talking numbers, that would be flying at more than 186,000 miles per second.

Now, any scientist can tell you that it’s impossible to beat the speed of light. But forget science! We’re talking comics here!

Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger may be able to outrun anything in the known universe (per Deathlok), but it hasn’t done anything yet in the comics.

But the Silver Surfer’s speed feats have been properly documented. He once did an inch-by-inch search of a planet and completed it before Doctor Strange could finish a sentence. He managed to escape a black hole. He crossed galaxies before Thanos could land a punch. While Thanos was throwing a punch to Captain America’s face, Silver Surfer crossed a light-year to thwart the purple guy before his fist could land.

We're inclined to say Silver Surfer kinda wins this because he did all that and more. As for Ghost Rider and his Hell Charger – come on, Marvel, make it do something really speedy and epic. We’re still waiting, darn it.

Ghost Rider Speed
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