Marvel's Silver Surfer Film Revealed in Storyboard Art

There is little doubt that Silver Surfer is that one Marvel comic book character that fans have been hoping would get his own film. However, it looks like Norrid Radd almost got his own movie in the past. The storyboard art from a planned Silver Surfer flick has just been revealed and it could have been amazing.

The storyboard was shared by artist Gabriel Hardman who was asked to work on the Silver Surfer film back in the 1990s. Check it out below.

There's not much to see here but it's great to be reminded that we almost had a Silver Surfer movie back in 1997. Amazingly, it almost featured a Star Wars actor as the titular alien.

According to Screenrant, the Silver Surfer film already had director Geoffrey Wright attached to helm the project. In addition to that, there were plans to cast Ewan McGregor as Norrid back in the day. However, the movie would have focused more on the character's human form considering that the visual effects were too expensive during those days.

The character had previously appeared in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where he was played by screen legend Doug Jones. Since then, there have been hopes that Silver Surfer would eventually show up in more films or maybe get his own standalone movie. Could a Silver Surfer flick actually be in the plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We'll have to wait for an official announcement for this.

What do you think of the Silver Surfer movie storyboards? Sound off in the comments below.

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