Vin Diesel Claims Robert Downey Jr. Is Perfect To Be The Next Fast & Furious Villain

Robert Downey Jr. may have been killing it on his big career jump from being widely known as MCU’s Iron Man slash Tony Stark of Stark Industries to being part of the Oscar-nominated documentary feature Oppenheimer, but Fast X star Vin Diesel is definitely interested in Downey joining their franchise to potentially become the next villain.

When asked by Variety on his dream casting during the Fast X trailer premiere on Thursday night, Diesel only had one acclaimed actor in mind: RDJ. The Fast X star was quick to elaborate on what specific role he thinks RDJ would perfectly play in the series, Diesel even joked how embarrassed he is to have admitted that, check out his full comment below:

“Without telling you too much about what happens in the future, there’s a character who is the antithesis of Dom who is promoting AI and driverless cars and a philosophy that with that goes your freedom,” Diesel said, “There is somebody that believes that’s the future, and that’s at direct odds with the Toretto mentality. How dare you ask me this question in front of all these people? I have pride and I have dignity.”

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Despite Diesel’s fallout with Dwayne Johnson and series director Justin Lin in the continuation of the Fast & Furious franchise, the films continued to bring in the big guns to the roster. While we have yet to hear RDJ’s thoughts on potentially joining the franchise someday, the Oppenheimer actor should be proud to have expanded his options to star in various franchises, seeing as it would not only be a great switch to his career, but Diesel’s villainous description closely resembles how the Stark Industries would’ve provided advanced technology to society.

Diesel returns in the franchise with Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Michelle Rodriguez. The film will also be bringing new cast members to the ensemble, including Rita Moreno, Alan Ritchson, Brie Larson, and Jason Momoa.

Fast X is currently slated for release on May 19, 2023.

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