Evan Peters Finally Addresses WandaVision Quicksilver Reveal

The final episode of WandaVision had several awesome revelations but it also confirmed that one character isn't who we were hoping it would be. Interestingly, Evan Peters has finally spoken up about that shocking Pietro Maximoff reveal in Episode 9.

In The Series Finale, Monica Rambeau is captured by Pietro but she manages to remove a magical necklace from him. This breaks the spell that Agatha Harkness had put on him and it is revealed that he is actually an actor named Ralph Bohner.

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Needless to say, fans were disappointed about the revelation considering that everyone was expecting him to be the X-Men Universe's Quicksilver who would usher in the rest of the mutants. Nevertheless, Peters admits he was happy to have been part of the MCU through the show.

"I know you have a lot of questions, as do I, but the season finale is coming up really soon," Evans says in a video shared by the WandaVision Twitter account. "I just want to say, dude, I am such a huge fan of the Marvel Universe. It was so cool to come over there and hang out with all those guys. That was freaking awesome."

To be honest, we're not that upset that Fake Pietro turned out to be some dude named Ralph Bohner considering that Peters did a great job in WandaVision. Nevertheless, we're hoping that he would eventually turn up as Quicksilver in the MCU.

What did you think of Pietro's reveal in the WandaVision finale? Sound off in the comments below.

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