Hawkeye Episode 5 Features Another Useful Trick Arrow

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

The entire series of Hawkeye has proved that the arsenal of Clint Barton has expanded into having different kinds of trick arrows. From the amazing action scene in Episode 3 where most of those were put on a show, to the explosive and deafening one in Episode 4, another has been revealed in Episode 5 which is clearly another useful one especially in sending messages to those you wouldn’t want to meet in person.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Features Another Useful Trick Arrow

Hawkeye Episode 5 Features Another Useful Trick Arrow
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye Episode 5 Features Another Useful Trick Arrow

Hawkeye has been constantly upgrading his weaponry throughout the years since he debuted in the MCU and this time, his arrows are beyond impressive. We’ve already seen a lot of times the explosive arrows, the USB arrow that appeared in What If..?, and the grappling hook one.

Episode 3 has introduced the Play-Doh arrow that looks like a growing purple goop, a plunger arrow, an arrow that clips everything at a distance, an acid arrow, a smoke arrow, and possibly the most impressive is the Pym arrow that turned a regular one into a giant arrow falling out of the skies. In Episode 4, there is that arrow that Kate used which causes a ringing sound to those in range.

There was also the boomerang arrow that Kate proposed in Episode 4 wherein once you fire it, it’ll come back. In her head, you’d have to dodge it when it is coming back. This is a direct callback to the comics where she suggested the same kind of arrows. It’s a bright thought for someone her age! Firing it to another person only to have it back surely results in a double whammy.

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Yet another arrow has proven itself useful for Hawkeye in Episode 5. Knowing that going into the territory of the Tracksuit mafia is dangerous when done alone, he sent an arrow containing a message for Maya to come alone in the place where her father died. This arrow is the one to use when conversing with another at a distance!


Now that is an innovative way and an untraceable one, efficient for someone like Clint Barton who is facing a lot of villains. One can never be too careful, right?

Hawkeye finale will exclusively stream on Disney Plus.

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