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EXO Z.Tao Relationship Status: Is He Dating Anyone In 2022?

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Z.Tao may no longer be a member of the all-male act from SM Entertainment. But, his fame and success remain apparent, especially in China, where he has established his career.

As the former K-pop idol continues to rise to fame and success, his career trajectory is not without some dating rumors and speculations. Over the years, he has faced numerous assertions about his personal life, especially his dating life.

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Is EXO Z.Tao In A Relationship Today?

Despite all the talks, though, the former EXO member is single, according to Dating Celebs. As reported, he is not dating anyone today as far as the public is concerned.

The publication claimed, nevertheless, that he had at least one relationship in the past. But, details regarding the matter remain scarce, and it has not been confirmed by the artist himself.

It appears that Z.Tao rarely talks about his life behind closed doors. Even so, this did not hinder the rumors and speculations about his romantic ties to emerge.

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About The Romance Rumors Involving Xu Yiyang

The former K-pop idol most recently faced dating speculations when netizens unearthed supposed evidence allegedly proving he is dating an artist under his label, L.Tao Entertainment.

Kpop Starz reported that the discussions began on Weibo when some individuals "had surfaced proof that [he] is dating Xu Yiyang.”

The supposed evidence was said to be the avatar the celebrity used in a messaging platform, with fans seeing the photo after he showed his screen on a previous live stream. It reportedly showed a pair having fun on a beach, although the faces were not seen.

But, after some “digging,” netizens were said to have found the original picture, alongside the similar photo Xu Yiyang posted on social media.

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Tao Reportedly Broke His Silence Following The Rumors

There remains no confirmation about the dating rumors involving Z.Tao and Xu Yiyang. But, he previously addressed the matter, seemingly quashing the speculations, according to Kbizoom.

As claimed, the former EXO member told his audience on Weibo that "it [was] just a photo," before rhetorically asking what more he should say.

Watch this space for more EXO Z.Tao news.

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