TXT Soobin Skincare 2022: Group Leader Reveals How To Cure Damaged Skin

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Soobin and his co-members have yet to have an official interview wherein they wholly discussed their respective beauty regimens and skincare practices. But, despite this, the idols have shared some of their tips and hacks to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Earlier this year, the group leader even told fans and followers how he managed to have good, young-looking skin even without doing the classic Korean skincare regimen.

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How TXT Soobin Takes Care Of His Skin

Koreaboo reported that Soobin answered a skincare-related question on Weverse at the time. It was after a netizen asked him how he does his skincare routine because his skin looks “so good,” adding that it is like a “baby’s butt.”

Instead of explaining the specific practices he does for his skin, the TXT leader shared his secret, which the publication deemed as a simple tip that “everyone can fit into their schedule.”

As it happened, the K-pop idol noted that all it took was the right amount of rest, and this cured his damaged skin.

The outlet quoted the artist, reportedly saying, “I’m not even kidding when I say it’s because I slept for half the day during our break.” It continues, “My damaged skin cured itself.”

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About The Group Leader's Skincare Regimen

Previously, Soobin had an online engagement wherein he showed how he does his skincare regimen before going to bed. A video on YouTube seemingly reposted the material, featuring the basic routine.

In the clip, the K-pop idol says he “rubs” the product he uses to remove his makeup. He appears to follow it up with a brief rinse using running water.

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The TXT leader consequently notes that he uses a foam cleanser to clean his face thoroughly after removing the makeup. He then uses a toner, which he sprays onto his face before he spreads the product evenly.

The last part of Soobin’s skincare routine is the application of his chosen face cream. He initially puts some of the product on his cheeks and nose before spreading it all over his face.

Watch this space for more TXT Soobin news.

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