EXO Chen Workout: Idol As Active As His Co-Members? Here's The Truth

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Chen appears to be fit and healthy. It is not surprising, though, considering his career as a South Korean idol.

Similar to other artists and groups in the world of K-pop, the Love Shot singers reportedly spend several hours practicing dance steps and choreographies three to five times a week. The regular activity is even said to be part of the other members’ workout routines.

As for Chen’s fitness regimen, though, there is very little information about the matter. He has not seemingly revealed the things he does to stay fit and healthy.

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EXO Chen On Working Out

Despite the lack of details, netizens shared in a Quora thread that the EXO member does not like going to the gym. As claimed, he and co-member D.O. are the only ones who do not prefer the activity, unlike the rest of the group.

The assertions seemingly suggest that Chen is not as active as his other groupmates. Even so, it remains likely that he does some exercises and other fitness routines from time to time.

There were also claims that he likes cycling, adding that he allegedly shared it is his “favorite exercise.” But, no confirmations emerged, making it unclear whether the statements are true.

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About Idol's "Talent" In Wakeboarding

A few years after EXO debuted in 2012, Chen made headlines because of his “talent” in wakeboarding. It came after he did a summer pictorial shoot with the lifestyle magazine, The Celebrity, according to The Korea Herald.

As reported, the K-pop idol appeared to have impressed his instructor with his “strength” and “athletic ability.” It was claimed that the unnamed trainer complimented him, adding that his skills in these aspects might be “very good.”

The praise given to the April, and a Flower artist came after noting that it was his first time to do the water sport. It was even stated that he devoted himself to exercising, especially for his leg and ab strength, and researching the activity in preparation for the shoot, wherein he did wakeboarding.

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