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Netflix's Anime Lookism Delayed After Itaewon Halloween Tragedy

South Korea is mourning the shocking tragedy in Itaewon, a vibrant district of Seoul known for its nightlife. On Saturday, October 29, 154 people died with dozens more injured in a crowd crush as tens of thousands of people came into Itaewon for the district's Halloween celebrations. Now, the nation is in a state of shock, and Netflix has decided to delay the its release of Lookism as the country is still in its national mourning period.

The Netflix Anime Twitter page confirmed it would be delaying Lookism from its original release date of November 4. The new anime series is based on a popular Korean webtoon, and it's one of the most highly-anticipated titles coming to the streaming service in November 2022. However, it looks like anime and webtoon fans will have to wait a little longer as the streaming giant has yet to announce an updated release date.

Itaewon's Halloween Tragedy Explained

Yoon Suk-yeol, the president of South Korea, announced a national period of mourning in light of the situation while the tragedy is still being investigated.

According to authorities, among the 154 who died were at least 26 foreign nationals, with victims from countries including China, United States, Thailand, Russia, Iran, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Norway, Austria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekitstan, and Vietnam. South Korea's Interior and Safety Ministry reported tht the toll included 56 men and 97 women. 149 people were injured in the incident.

According to South Korea's Ministry of Education, six school students were among the dead, including one middle school student and a few others were in high school. Three teachers also died in the tragedy.

What is Netflix's Lookism about?

Netflix shared the following synopsis for Lookism:

Currently serialized on LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON, “Lookism” follows the protagonist as he works hard to live life against the backdrop of various social issues. It began serialization in 2014 and has 8.7 billion views globally. Just like the original webtoon, the story of the animated series “Lookism” also deals with the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society. Unique character designers have breathed life into the main characters of the original manga, giving them vivid voices, dynamic direction and gorgeous effects. Through fascinating episodes with a slightly different feel compared to the original manga, this series will deliver excitement and new discoveries. Enjoy the story of Park Hyeong-seok as he overcomes diverse encounters and conflicts and grows to fulfill his dreams.

We will update you with more release date information about Lookism once Netflix officially announces it.

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