Why ASTRO Rocky Uses Contact Lens Solution For Skincare Explained

Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Rocky and the rest of the group once sat down for an interview to talk about their beauty and skincare secrets.

When asked which of the six idols has the “most extensive” routines in taking care of their skin, they all pointed fingers at the act’s main dancer, including even himself.

It did not seemingly cause shock among the public as having skincare regimens in the world of K-pop is not a new thing. But, what came as a surprise was the revelation that Rocky uses contact lens solution for his skin.

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ASTRO Rocky On Using Contact Lens Solution For Skin

Speaking to Allure, the ASTRO member shared that he uses the saline solution to wash his face.

The interviewer initially thought it was a miscommunication as it was an “unexpected” technique and product. But, surprisingly, it was not, with Rocky and some of his co-members confirming the matter.

It is also noted that using the contact lens solution is a “consistent part” of the K-pop idol’s skincare regimen.

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Why He Uses It To Wash His Face

When asked why Rocky uses it for his skin and face, Moonbin said it is because “he is a ‘mama’s boy.’”

The group’s main dancer consequently explained that his mother was his “beauty advisor” when he was growing up. He noted that she would give him advice, as well as gifting products for his skincare routines.

The ASTRO member continued that, even now that he is an idol, he still keeps his mother’s guidance in mind. He told the interviewer that he still does what he learned from his mom, adding that he is “always passionately doing an extensive skincare routine.”

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Other Products Rocky Utilizes For His Skin

Rocky did not reportedly reveal the exact steps he does for his skin. But, he shared the “most important” product in his skincare routine, and it is said to be toners.

As reported, the ASTRO member uses cotton pads when applying his toner. He wipes it on his face after using an effective face wash to balance out the pH level of his skin.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Rocky news.

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