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Is BTS Jimin Dating Song Da Eun? The Truth Explained

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jimin faces another dating rumor and speculation. There are claims that he is likely seeing actress Song Da Eun, with some netizens providing supposed pieces of evidence to prove the narrative.

Kpop Starz released a report on the matter, which first surfaced across media platforms.

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About The Recent Speculations

On Monday, a netizen reportedly created a post on the online community, Nate Pann, titled “Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da Eun.” In it, 12 key points were discussed, supposedly proving the allegation that the relationship between the two celebrities exists.

The said pieces of evidence include the BTS member and the Once Again actress wearing the same set of earrings on the same day and donning a “couple necklace” once in the past.

The post also discussed in length the supposed low-key joint outings of the K-pop idol and the South Korean actress in the last few months.

Following the allegations, though, the two celebrities seemingly maintain their silence about the matter. They have yet to make official comments regarding the reports.

Also, reports said that the post on the online community platform has since been deleted.

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BTS Jimin Has Faced Numerous Dating Rumors

This is not Jimin’s first time encountering dating rumors and speculations. He has faced numerous romance reports since he debuted as a member of BTS in 2013.

But, none of these things have been proven to be legitimate. They all have since remained mere speculations and rumors, making it no longer surprising for avid fans to read new reports about the idol being linked to another personality.

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The Idol's Ideal Type

Meanwhile, Kpop Starz recalled the reported ideal type of Jimin.

As claimed, the idol prefers girls shorter than him as he always wants to appear taller. He also likes someone with long hair and a cute personality.

The BTS member also reportedly wants to date someone younger than him. Moreover, he likes a girl who is "charming" and a character that matches his.


Watch this space for more BTS Jimin news.

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