Do Mark and Khione End Up Together in The Flash Season 9?

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Khione smiles at Mark
Credit: The CW

Throughout The Flash Season 9, Mark becomes closer to Khione, another version of Caitlin. So, do Mark and Khione end up together in The Flash series finale?

In The Flash Season 8, Team Flash had to say goodbye to one of its members: Frost. All of them decide to move on from Frost’s death except for Mark Blaine/Chillblaine, Frost’s boyfriend.

In The Flash Season 9, Mark remains heartbroken over the loss of his lover and tries to resurrect her. However, Mark fails, and in the process, Khione appears.

While initially, Mark does not like the idea of Khione coming out of the Consciousness Resurrection Chamber (CRC) instead of Frost, he later becomes closer to this other version of Caitlin (or Frost). Khione even kisses him while he was unconscious.

So, do Mark and Khione end up together in The Flash Season 9? The answer is no, Mark and Khione do not end up together. The two just become good friends after Mark accepts that Khione is not Frost.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash series finale. Read at your own risk!

The Flash Series Finale: Do Mark and Khione End Up Together?

Mark and Khione stand and talk to each other
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Credit: The CW

Mark and Khione do not end up together in The Flash. Throughout the series, Mark is convinced that Khione has powers and that they’re what’s left of Frost.

Thus, he tries to get Khione to master her powers. He also gets her into doing every activity he’s done with Frost.

This upsets Khione and she points out to Mark that he never even tried to get to know her. She realizes that Mark only tried to get close to her because he sees her as Frost.

Mark talks to Khione about leaving Central City
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Credit: The CW

Mark then decides to leave Central City because he has to go through his pain and grieve Frost properly. He makes Khione promise to keep exploring her powers.

A sad Khione then goes back inside the West residence and ends up freezing everyone’s breakfast. Mark comes back before the series finale, and it’s revealed that he was in contact with Cecile because he needed a friend while he was away.

Khione tells a possessed version of Mark that while she’s glad he had someone to talk to, there were so many things she wanted to talk about with Mark.

Later on, Mark (free of the blue crystal’s influence) tells Khione that he thought about her all the time while he was gone. However, she tells Mark about her decision to leave because she doesn’t think it’s her destiny to just protect Team Flash or Central City.

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The Flash Series Finale: Khione’s Ascension Explained

Khione smiles before she ascends
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Credit: The CW

In The Flash series finale, the goddess Khione ultimately chooses to leave and ascend to become the natural order’s protector of all things. A version of Wells appears, and he explains that while it’s hard to say goodbye to family, “what matters is carrying a piece of the ones you love wherever and whenever you go.”

Khione says goodbye to Team Flash and explains that her time in “this mortal body is done.” Before Khione leaves, Mark cries and thanks her for never giving up on him.

They embrace and Mark asks where she would go. Khione explains that they’re all connected and that she was born to protect the natural order of things.

Mark says that he’s really gonna miss Khione, and Khione responds “Keep flourishing.” Khione then disappears, and Caitlin returns.

Mark and Khione hug
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Credit: The CW

While this surprises Team Flash, they realize that when Khione ascended, she didn’t need her physical body anymore. Thus, Khione used her gifts to return Caitlin back to her rightful place.

Later on, Barry and Caitlin talk, and Barry apologizes for how they left things. Caitlin then admits that her attempts to resurrect Frost were “just unnatural.”

Barry tells Caitlin, “Khione really rubbed off on you, huh?” Caitlin responds that maybe she should dye her hair blue like Khione’s.

So, while Mark and Khione get closer in The Flash Season 9, they do not end up together. They just become special friends after Mark accepts that Khione is not Frost, but her own person.


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