Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Stage Play Shares Cast Images

Entertainment District Play Tengen Uzui

Entertainment District Play Tengen Uzui

After its announcement back in April, the Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc stage play revealed new images that show its main cast in full costume.

These new cast images were shared alongside the play’s key visual which features the stage production’s key players.

All these images were shared on the play’s official website and X (formerly Twitter) account.

This is the third stage adaptation of the hit anime series, and it serves as a direct follow-up to the stage production that ran last year.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Stage Returns With Entertainment District Arc

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The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga may have already ended, but the series continues to be hugely popular thanks to the anime adaptation by ufotable.

Aside from the anime, Demon Slayer has also inspired other adaptations, including a video game and a series of stage plays that began in 2020.

Specifically, the first Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Stage was split into two parts, covering the story of the anime’s first season. This was followed up by the Mugen Train play that ran in September and October 2022.

As it has been nearly a year since the Mugen Train play, the production is now gearing up for the Entertainment District Arc, though there will be some changes from the previous shows.

For instance, Tanjiro actor Ryota Kobayashi is moving on from the role. After multiple productions, Kobayashi will be replaced by Shogo Sakamoto. The other returning cast members will still be in the next play.

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Demon Slayer Stage Play Shares Entertainment District Arc Cast Photos

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Speaking of the cast, the play is hyping up its next installment with a new series of cast photos.

Instead of just featuring the actors, these images show them in full costume and makeup.

It’s not just Tanjiro, Nezuko, and friends that are there, though. The other key players of the Entertainment District Arc are also featured, including Tengen Uzui, Daki, Gyutaro, and more.

In total, 14 new cast images have been uploaded on the play’s official channels.

The Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc stage play will be held first in Osaka at the Mielparque Hall from November 11-29, 2023.

After this initial run, the play will then be mounted in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome City Hall from December 1-10, 2023.

Much like the previous plays, this next stage production will likely not run outside of Japan.

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