DCU Fans Campaign for the Future of the Franchise to be Female-Led

Few more hours until DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are to present their most anticipated DC slate. If Gunn will honor his word that it would be today, fans will see the complete reboot of DCU and how it will emerge under its new management. As everyone waits for the first few projects from the first chapter that will be announced, diehards are already advocating for the changes that they would like to witness in the franchise, and that is to delight in more female characters and stories centering around them in the new DCEU.

Following the statement of MCU star Dave Bautista that Gunn is leaning toward completely rebooting the whole DC universe as he aims to start from scratch, focusing on younger and fresher perspectives, fans hope the future of the DC Universe will not just have the females in its side but if it must be the center of its direction because it largely comes down to three major points.

According to Comicbook, the first argument is that the current DC Universe has only seen a fragment of female characters with interesting and complex stories. The second point is that it's a no-brainer that female-led stories in DC on television paved the way for a DCU expansion. Third, and perhaps most importantly, fans are now becoming so diverse and welcoming that they are beginning to root for women to be seen more on screen, especially on how badass they can be in superhero narratives, as seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, proving that female-driven stories are successful at the box office and beyond.

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Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are undeniably the most cherished and popular female DC characters. They are well-known to the point that non-DCU fans think that only these two women are worthy to be featured on the big screen, neglecting the fact that numerous female comic characters can be showcased on screen and have the chance for their interesting narrative to be explored.

DC’s offerings are mostly male-focused as compared to Marvel, which is why fans are hoping that will change in the new era of the DCU. According to the 2019 Theme Report from the Motion Picture Association, half of the moviegoers are female. That said, any franchise should not overlook the power of bringing female-centric narratives to screen, as real-life women are looking forward to seeing a fictional representation of them on screen.

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