WWE Superstar Gives a Convincing Pitch to Play X-Men Supervillain

There have been numerous actors in the past who have expressed their interest in joining Marvel or DC Studios, including big names like Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, Emily Blunt, and Kate Hudson, among others. But who says that only actors can express their interest in assuming superhero roles? Recently, a professional wrestler is throwing his hat in a different kind of ring as he sends a pitch to join Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot cast.

On Twitter, WWE superstar Mustafa Ali posted a side-by-side photo of himself and the mutant supervillain Mister Sinister as part of his pitch to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He took the opportunity to reply to a Marvel post for Sins of Sinister #1 and pointed out his practical resemblance to the genius geneticist, saying, “Hey [Marvel]! I'm just saying if you need someone to fill that role in a future project,”

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Nathaniel Essex, who goes by the alias Mister Sinister, made his Marvel Comics debut in The Uncanny X-Men #221. He was a brilliant biologist who was fascinated by the X-gene, which mutants are born with. Essex is transformed into Mister Sinister by alien celestial technology after allying with the Apocalypse. Though he fought the X-Men on numerous occasions, Sinister's main opponents were Cyclops and Jean Grey, as he was obsessed with using their DNA to create the ultimate super mutant.

The wrestling heavyweight performer made his WWE debut in 2016 as a member of 205 Live, the promotion's cruiserweight division's home. In 2018, Ali was promoted to the SmackDown brand, where he feuded with the-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. He was scheduled to wrestle in the 2019 Elimination Chamber match for the title until he was injured.

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In 2020, Ali was revealed as the mysterious leader of the heel stable Retribution. The group went on a Raw roster rampage until March 2021, when they disbanded following several match losses. The cruiserweight requested his release from WWE in January 2022 after becoming dissatisfied with his booking. He was denied. That same spring, he returned to WWE television as a babyface.

The wrestling superstar’s online pitch for joining Marvel’s X-men has garnered welcoming responses, with some saying they support the endorsement and the WWE grappler is perfect for the role, therefore he has their votes. “He has my endorsement.” wrote @BenJMorse. While user @BozzyNZ said, “I think it’d work well.”

This kind of pitch rarely succeeds, but never say never. After all, whether Ali means it as a joke or with all his heart, he should have his fingers crossed that his idea will echo at Marvel Studios and the bosses will hear him.

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