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James Gunn Confirms His DCEU Could Rescue Stars From Cancelled DCU Shows

DCU fans are currently in mourning, as if the past year has not been filled with grief over the continual news surrounding their beloved franchise. However, this time around, their frustration is not brought on by DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn; in fact, he could even be the cause of relief as he confirmed he could bring back stars from HBO Max’s previously cancelled DC shows.

On Wednesday, HBO Max announced two DC Comics dramas, Titans and Doom Patrol, are coming to an end after they air their respective fourth seasons. Both shows were critically acclaimed by critics and fans, and they launched the DC Universe on the streaming platform. That’s why the climactic news has nothing but surprise, disappointment, and hope that there’s a way to turn the events around.

Being recently appointed as the co-CEO of DC Studios and the reason behind Henry Cavill’s Superman exit and other discouraging updates on DCU projects, fans easily pointed fingers at Gunn and suggested that he could also be the one who pulled the plug on the fate of the Titans and Doom Patrol. However, he confirmed that the cancellation took place ahead of its reign.

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As the creator of Peacemaker confirmed that he is not to blame for the tragic news, he also gave fans a glimmer of hope, saying that because he has the power to bring the axed heroes back into the DCU, chances are he wants and is willing to do so. Gunn answered a fan’s genuine query about his jurisdiction over scrapped shows and if he has room for them in the DCEU that he’s building.

“@JamesGunn I have a question that I am genuinely hoping you can ask - even though you had no involvement with Titans and Doom Patrol ending, if you had wanted to incorporate those shows for your DCU, would that option have been within your jurisdiction or not? Hope you can answer!” wrote @AndyBehbakht.

Gunn responded, “Sure, Andy. What characters/performers playing those characters we keep in the DCU would be my and Peter’s call. But that doesn’t mean we can keep any TV show running indefinitely.”

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Despite him and Peter Safran having the last say in cherry-picking whichever characters and performers from Titans and Doom Patrol to include in their DCU, they cannot guarantee that they have the power to maintain any TV show running indefinitely, given that all TV shows should come to an end once the time comes.

Any TV show or movie has an ending in common, but with the concept of extended universes or sequels, any character has the freedom to return once given the opportunity to do so. Until then, DCU fans can only wait and hope that it will be soon enough and that the actors will still be willing to reprise their respective roles.

Seasons 1 to 3 and the first part of Titans season 4 are streaming on HBO Max, while part two is expected to drop sometime in April. On the other hand, the first six episodes of Doom Patrol Season 4 as well as Seasons 1 to 3 are currently streaming on the same platform.

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