DCEU Fans Defend Amy Adams From Lois Lane Recast

DCEU fans have taken to twitter their defense for Amy Adams against being recast in her role as Lois Lane. Seeing as Black Adam has featured a surprise (yet expected) appearance from Henry Cavill’s Superman, it is no surprise if Man of Steel 2 is set to be developed soon after. This could also mean the return of Lois Lane, which sparked a Twitter debate on whether she should be recast or not.

Dwayne Johnson had done nothing but tease his long-running Black Adam movie in the works, one of which eventually led him to promise a surprise cameo revealed to be Henry Cavill reprising his role as the Man of Steel. Of course, fans couldn’t wait to see more of him, assuming this appearance definitely locks in a Man of Steel 2.

While Man of Steel 2 has yet to be confirmed, fans have already been speculating to recast Amy Adams for two common reasons: her age and her chemistry with Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent. Check some of the fan tweets below:

However, fans on the opposing side beg to differ, claiming that those who want Amy Adams recast have neither been fans nor watchers in the first place. The real question is, if Man of Steel 2 were to actually come true, why bother recasting Lois Lane, when even Henry Cavill’s Black Adam cameo was not? Check some of the fan tweets defending Amy Adams below:

Granted, Adams’ first appearance as Lois Lane was way back in 2013’s Man of Steel and also played a big role in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, and she hasn’t returned to the role in five years, but in a previous Empire Magazine interview via Fandom, Amy Adams said she would be ‘totally open’ to reprise her role in future DC movies, however, also stated that, “I think [the studio is] moving in a different direction, from my understanding.” Do you want to recast Lois Lane?

You can catch Black Adam in cinemas now.

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