Chainsaw Man Fans are Already Predicting Yuko's Death

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chainsaw man character death denji
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto | Shueisha

The latest Chainsaw Man chapter may not have been packed with action, but it did introduce fans to a new character. And while we don’t know a lot about her yet, Chainsaw Man fans are already expecting Yuko to get an early death.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 100 once again follows Asa Mitaka, the host of the war devil. Denji still has not made an appearance, but the new chapter did introduce us to Yuko.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Part 2 in this article.

Yuko is a high school student that is part of the school’s devil hunter club, and she is assigned to the team of Asa Mitaka alongside returning character, Hirofumi Yoshida.

The chapter’s events showed Yuko being nice to the awkward Asa Mitaka. Given how nice she is, fans are already sharing online how they think she’ll get an early death.


Aside from various posts, several memes have already been shared on Reddit about how she’s already raising a ton of death flags.

Chainsaw Man is a series where pretty much no character is safe aside from Denji. In Part 1, fan-favorite characters such as Himeno died early into the story. Because of this, fans are already expecting Yuko to meet the same fate.

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Her death isn’t the only thing being discussed though. There are already several theories about who she is, one of which is that she’s the devil hunter Kusakabe’s sister.


One outlandish theory is that Yuko is Denji in disguise. As explained by the War Devil in the recent chapter, Denji is believed to be lying low as a student in the school.


Of course, this is highly unlikely as other fans are already making fun of this theory.

As Part 2 is only three chapters in, there are still lots of questions about the new characters, especially Asa Mitaka as she’s the new host of the War Devil.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 continues in Chapter 101 which will release next week on Shonen Jump+.

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