Chainsaw Man Part 2 Introduces a New Type of Devil

chainsaw man new devil
Credit: Viz Media / Shueisha

chainsaw man new devil
Credit: Viz Media / Shueisha

While the series has shown several varieties of Devils in Part 1, it seems that fans were introduced to a new type of Devil in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 was released yesterday, and it shed more light on the War Devil. While fans already have theories about it being one of the Four Horsemen, the new chapter showed that it is a unique Devil with capabilities that we’ve never seen before.

Spoiler Alert: there are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Part 2 in this article.

Chainsaw Man: Devil vs. Fiend vs. Hybrid

Chainsaw Man has three may types of devils, the first of which is the standard devil. This can be considered as the Devil’s base form as this is the form they take while in Hell and when reborn on Earth.

The base devil form looks like the fear that it embodies, i.e., the Chicken Devil looks like a Chicken and the Octopus Devil has tentacles. Though there are devils who look human-like such as the Angel Devil and Prinz, the Spider Devil.

The next type is a Fiend. When a devil is close to death, it can take over a human corpse and become a Fiend. This is seen as a last resort as a Fiend is less powerful than a standard devil.

In this form, a Fiend’s personality can be influenced by the original human’s personality. Though the Fiend’s identity still belongs to the devil.

Fiends are also less powerful than devils, and they cannot perform contracts. Though they are still quite powerful and can still regenerate by drinking blood.

As for their appearance, Fiends look like humans, but they have an appendage on their heads such as Power’s horns or Beam’s shark head.

Finally, we have Hybrids such as Denji. These devil types are like Fiends but have several key differences. For one, Hybrids retain the identity of the human, so this makes them more like a fusion of a human and a devil.

Hybrids can also transform from human form to devil form, and this makes them more powerful than fiends. Though in the world, hybrids are incredibly rare.

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Chainsaw Man: A New Type of Devil

Now, we move on to the War Devil. At the end of Chapter 98, it seemed that the War Devil took over the body of Asa Mitaka. But the release of Chapter 99 showed that Asa Mitaka’s identity is still intact, but with a twist.

The opening of Chapter 99 showed Asa Mitaka in conversation with the War Devil version of her (the one with scars and Makima-like eyes). Events of the chapter also show that the War Devil can take control of Asa Mitaka’s body and change her look.

While Asa Mitaka might seem like a hybrid at first glance, this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dynamic is unique as we’ve never seen a devil with this kind of ability.

Does this mean the War Devil is a new type of Devil entirely? Or do the Four Horsemen have unique abilities that can’t exactly be classified?

We’ll just have to wait and see in the next Chainsaw Man chapters as we get to know more about this new devil.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 continues in Chapter 100 which will release next week.

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