Can Wolverine Cut Vibranium?

Wolverine claws out
Credit: Fox

Wolverine claws out
Credit: Fox

As much as Marvel has expanded their cinematic universe and Multiverse, we have yet to uncover what exactly is the strongest existing metal within the billion-dollar franchise.

Although the most indestructible metal is Vibranium, is it strong enough to counter Wolverine’s claws, for example? Can Wolverine actually cut Vibranium? Give this a read to find out more.

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Marvel’s Vibranium Weakness Explained

Thanos slices Captain America's Vibranium shield in half
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Credit: Marvel Studios

The origins of Vibranium in the MCU remain unknown, except for the fact that its mysterious meteorite happened to have crashlanded in a section in Africa. There, it built the foundation grounds of Wakanda.

Vibranium was then claimed as a part of Wakanda’s economy, which strengthened their high-tech gadgets, weapons, and inventions, as well as improved their environmental conditions and natural resources.

Vibranium was described as the “rarest metal on Earth” by Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger and the metal has since then lived up to its standards.

Every Vibranium-made weapon has had the longest-lasting durability over the course of the MCU run. But there was one point where Captain America’s shield was destroyed in half by the Mad Titan’s own axe. But how did that happen?

Well, although Vibranium still has its mysterious origins, it still has its weaknesses: using it against its own source material and other magically enhanced metals in the universe.

In this case, Cap’s shield was destroyed by Thanos’ axe because it was made out of Uru metal, the same metal that created Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

There is no doubt that even Stormbreaker, Thor’s new axe, could easily slice through Vibranium, as well.

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So, Can Wolverine Cut Vibranium?

Wolverine's claws are part of his skeleton
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Credit: Marvel

Wolverine is soon making his debut on the big screens as officially being under the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool 3.

There’s a chance that since Marvel has its Multiverse, he and the Merc with the Mouth could travel to alternate dimensions and timelines and end up going face-to-face with the other Avengers. To be more specific, Vibranium-made weapon wielders.

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Although Wolverine comes from the Marvel Universe franchise, this is the first time he’ll be debuting in the canon MCU. That said, will Vibranium remain to be the strongest metal on Earth when that happens?

Wolverine’s mutant-based claws come from a different type of metal called Adamantium.

Dr. Otto Octavius' arms are made out of Adamantium
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Adamantium is the kind of Weapon X program (exclusive to X-Men, and was shown being used by Dr. Octavius) that embedded its material onto Wolverine’s skeleton, making him and his claws indestructible and highly dangerous.

It is worth mentioning that Adamantium has Vibranium-based ingredients, which already confirms that the latter is vulnerable to Adamantium-made weapons.

The only weakness Adamantium has is being damaged by extreme heat temperatures.

Another key difference is that Adamantium can cut through any metal, whereas Vibranium can absorb sound waves, vibrational energies, and physical force.

So, can Wolverine’s claws cut through Vibranium? Yep, pretty much.

It would be much more accurate and exciting if Marvel gets the chance to confirm this on the big screens, specifically if Deadpool and Wolverine end up meeting other Avengers or Vibranium wielders to test this out in the franchise.

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